Bio: After completing my Masters in business managment and chartered accountancy, after setting up a printing business with my husband, I took a u turn in life. I started learning photography as a hobby, this is when I realised my true passion is photography. Married to a foodie I took up cooking after marriage and got very interested in it, for me cooking is like meditation, it's a stress buster. In this blog, I want to use photography to express my various interests in life... The idea of blogging and food photography came to me when I got pregnant and was put on bed rest for the initial four months, this is when I started documenting my recipes, during the later months I was only allowed to move around in the house. That is the time I decided to take up food photography. Thus I dedicate this blog to my darling son Kabir, it is all because of him that the blog became a reality. My special thanks to my dearest husband and guinea pig, Siddharth who eats everything I cook with so much love, it's because we got married that I have taken up cooking. A lot of contribution to this blog is by my parents who suggest me recipes, ideas, inspire me everyday. They are also my biggest critic and this help me achieve my idea of excellence. The reason I started documenting recipes was for my sister Ipshita and my sister in law Saloni and so a special thank you to both of you. Why the name "All Izz well"? It's a long story but I need to write it...there is a Bollywood movie called "3 idiots". I love this movie so much I must have seen it a minimum of 100 times ( I have no count, my family thinks so) It is a movie that changed my life. This movie is a comedy movie with many messages. It talks about following you passion in life, I learnt from it, "woh Kama Karoo jisme tumhara passion hai fir Kaam kaam nahi lagega, khel lagega." That I need to do what I love then work would be play for me, u need to be well educated in life not well trained. I so believe in it, I have taken up photography and I love it so much. Though being a chartered accountant, I didn't care to pick up my membership number as I never enjoyed that work. Another thing I learnt from the movie don't run behind success, strive for excellence, if you reach for excellence success will follow. My aim through this blog is excellence, I try to put up whatever I feel is up to the mark of excellence. Now about All Izz well, the protagonist of the movie tells his friends that when ever there is a problem put your hand on your heart and tell your heart " all Izz well", this will give you the strength to face the problem. When I was pregnant, one night I started bleeding heavily, with no doctors on call in the middle of night I wasted a lot of blood, it took us about an hour to get the prescribed medicine, all this time I kept on telling my self " all Izz well, I am going to have the baby." After all the medications and injections bleeding took a month to stop and I had all possible complications, during all this time I kept on telling my self " all Izz well" and slowly slowly every thing fell into place, the doctors where amazed by my recovery, my baby was born full term and 3.5 kgs, I could not believe when the doctor told me his weight in the operation room, first thing I told my self " all Izz well, yeah!" My husband told me I would sleep talk during those difficult days and tell my self " all Izz well, all Izz well...", thus that is why I gave this name to my blog....

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    1. You are welcome. You have an amazing blog,beautiful pictures and very informative..I just started following it..thanks for visiting my blog as well:-)

  1. You’re the best reader ever! I love you. 😀 Do you actually read and like all my posts or do you have some code which likes the posts automatically? 😛

      1. Heh. “Love you is too strong to use.” Nice to see someone out here still valuing the archaic meanings of such terms. Have a good day.

  2. HI Natasha. I loved your very moving story about how you named your blog and managed to get through your difficult pregnancy. I also love photography and it has helped me get through brain surgery and life ever since. I currently have a project running to teach my kids how to cook which is running through my blog. It is proving a lot more comprehensive than I’d expected. We are all learning about so many things. xx Rowena

  3. Natasha, Saw your comment on Indah’s website! You have a wonderful “About” story & a very diversified blog from food to fashion! Kepp yp the good writing! Phil from excuseusforliving.com

  4. Natasha;
    First of all; thanks for following my blog; from today, I too subscribed for your blog; do not consider it as a return favor but your blog is too good; still, I have not gone through your entire blog, but, just going through your “ABOUT” page only, I realized this is good blog and worth to follow.
    There are many matters in your blog; which is worth to mention but out of all the best matter I found is your simple advice about following your heart; and I too firmly believe in it and it is my friendliest suggestion to you when ever you have spare time just watch and listen the Steve Job’s speech “Connecting dots” on YOUTUBE, you will simply enjoy.
    Now, something more important; for me following and followed blog is more or less, to connect with like minded people and I firmly believe that by “Caring & Sharing” only we can grow and develop.
    By the way, whenever you have spare time, do not forget to read my most recent post, in that post, you will find one of the most important feedback.
    Wishing you all the best……..

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    Happy Chinese Cooking!

  6. hello Natasha,
    Good to know you and the reason of blog name. You will definitely win with your passion.
    In fact, I was also inspired by the movie. I was passionate to become scientist, and I did many innovations that may solve some known problems. Lately I came up with the idea of blogging – where i document my work. I look forward to call it world’s most innovative internet site.

  7. Hey, stumbled across your blog while I was browsing through the WordPress feed. You have a wonderful blog and some wonderful stories attached to the recipes. And then in your About section, I found out that you are a fellow Gujarati too! 🙂 So good to have met up in this virtual world. Looking forward to reading more wonderful posts in the days to come! 🙂

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