I truly believe I am an ignorant fool and I know little as no matter what we think out human logic is limited compare to the spiritual and mystic possibilities of the world.

For inspiration I look at the older generations and to learn the basic things in life I learn from my 5 year old son.

One day son came from school and once he is home he will be on his bicycle riding away in every corner of our home.

He started singing loudly and joyously a beautiful song,

The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here and the way to be happy is make someone happy as there is a little heaven right here!”

Wow! How true! Our home was echoing with this song..

Thus the younger generation teaches me how to unlearn and to listen to my heart and helps my mind to shut up as it is the mind that creates all the chaos.

For wisdom in food and simplicity in living I go back to my nani on what she use to cook in her kitchen and how she managed her life.

Every winters my nani use to make whole wheat ladoos for the whole family.

This recipe was lost for years and then one of my aunt got a similar recipe from her walking friend who passed on to my mother who later adapted from that recipe and made changes from her memory and finally we got the recipe back in our family, exactly like my nani use to make.

Whole of the winter I ate these ladoos as a mid meal or an evening snack and guess what haven’t put on a cm on my waist so in conclusion these ladoos with my mother’s and my granny’s love are way better than any bland broccoli, not so tasty brown rice or quinoa.

Sharing this recipe so this recipe is not lost again

Recipe for Ba’s ladoos:

1 katori ( small bowl) almonds

1 katori walnut

1 katori kharekh

1 katori dried coconut grated

1 katori green raisins

3/4 katori cashews

1/2 tbsp suth (ginger powder)

1/2 tbsp gunthodha

1 tbsp khus khus (crushed)

1/2 katori whole sugar ( powdered)

1 katori wheat flour

1 katori jaggery

1 1/2 katori ghee


Crush all the dry fruits and nuts into a coarse powder.

Heat the ghee in a khadhai, once it melts add the wheat flour, keep on cooking it on a low flame by continuously mixing it till the flour is brown in colour. Remove it from the heat once it is reddish brown in colour ( same color when you make sukkhadi)

In another vessel take 2-3 table spoons of ghee and add jaggery to it. Heat it till the jaggery melts, then take it off the heat.

To the melted jaggery add the cooked wheat flour, all the dry fruits as well as the whole sugar. Mix all of it well with your hands.

Make big ladoos from it. Incase the ladoos cannot be made, heat some more ghee and add it to the mixture and then make ladoos.

Enjoy them specially during the cold winters

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