Me and my son are shopping at a bookstore. I bought my new year’s dairy and he was suppose to buy his car magazines along with that he picks up sketch pens and water colours extra.

Once at the till as I was about to pay he notices some toy cars.

Son: mumma please I am buying these cars?

Me: but how who is going to pay for them?

Son: ofcouse you..

Me: yeah but you have already picked up so many extra things

Son: ok then next time I will not buy anything but can I take these home this time?

By now we had already paid and moved to the counter to collect our paid things.

Me: but I have no money left so we cannot buy the cars this time

Son: well then I need the cars today what should I do?

Me: why do you need them today?

Son: well i want to play with them and then draw them later

Me: well since we are out of money we need to give these sketch pens and water colours back and in exchange we can buy the cars what do you say?

I though finally he will give up

Son looks at me for a seconds

Son: oh! then we can buy the cars today, why don’t we give your diary back and instead we buy the cars?

Everyone around us were laughing.

Somehow I convinced him that we are not buying those cars that day..

And then later during the day more negotiations and still later still more negotiations finally it was his bedtime. I said to myself, “haash..”

So at the end of the day with husband travelling and me exhausted I want to cook something quick.

Now what is as fast as instant noodles but an healthier option?

Well I cooked sabudana khichadi

The only catch in this is that I knew before hand that it would be a long day so I had saoked the sabudana in the morning, had asked menaxi (our cook) to boil and cut potatoes and I had peanut powder in the fridge. Yes! have to PRE-PLAN if we want to eat healthy.

So at night once son was fast asleep, it just took me just 10 minutes to cook my sabudana kichadi.

I request all the mothers to eat good food that helps us look better and younger than to open packets of junk as once the children grow up and are on their own this damage which we have cause to our bodies because we were too busy to cook or exercise we are definitely going to regret the fat waist and the unhealthy skins.

So here’s to all the mothers lets plan better and eat good food. Not eating right and depriving oneself will also make one more an impatient and irritated mother.

This we first we need to be blissful and serine only then can one raise a happy child. Spoiler alert being a happy parent doesn’t mean an irresponsible parent, very important to understand that finding the happiness in parenting and not running away and leaving the children at the hands of nannies to grow up.

Right now the whole world is running after quinoa, we have our own sabudana – tapioca pearls..pearls indeed as it is a jewel forgotten by our generation.

Recipe for Sabudana khichadi


(Serves 24)

2 cup sabudana soaked overnight

1 cup roasted peanuts powder

2-3 tbsp of ghee

1 tbsp jeera

2 tsp red chilies powder

2-3 green chilies chopped

Curry leaves

Juice of half lemon

Salt to taste


Heat ghee in a khadhai, add jeera.

Once jeera splutters add green chilies and curry leaves.

Quickly add red chilies powder, soaked sabudana, peanut powder and salt to taste

Mix all of it properly and cook for another 5-7 minutes.

Add lemon juice, taste for balance of flavour and serve hot.

This is a meal in its self , enjoy at any time of the day…

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