Soon my son’s summer vacation will get over. Not complaining, we managed to have a great time over all. During the hot summer afternoons when we could not do anything outside we use to watch my son’s favourite cartoon “Paw Patrol.”

In Paw Patrol, there are these pups and they drive cars and rescue people, animals, aliens who ever is in troubles just like Charlie’s Angles.

In this cartoon there is also a Mayor of their town, she has a pet chicken called Chickleta and in one of the episodes Chickleta got lost. The whole of the Paw Patrol was looking for the mayor’s chicken. Watching the same cartoon over and over again at least 10 times I wondered what different is this English show to our desi hindi classic show ‘Flop Show‘?

In Flop shop too one day an employee goes up to Jaspal Bhatti and asks ” Sir chutti chaiyethi, mera bhatija khogaya hai..”

Boss immediately cuts him mid sentence, “no, woh nahi mil sakti, humara kutta Tommy kho gaya hai aur Preeti buhut roh rahi hai, tommy ko dundhne javo…”

And in the next scene the employee is looking all over on the streets for the lost dog. It was same in Paw Patrol as they too were looking for Chickleta. Mayor ne bola toh..

See even the best cartoons are inspired by our old show Flop Show ha ha ha…

During these vacation days cooked this easy vegetable pulav as I was too busy watching cartoons thus had no time to cook anything elaborate.

Tip: to make the pulav fluffy to make sure the rice doesn’t break mix the rice and the vegetable with a help of a big fork this will not break the rice.

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