Last year when I was completely short of house staff, I hired a girl to do my household work.

On hiring her, I asked her if she could do all the regular work.  She nodded.

Day 1:  She asks me, “Could you show me where to put the washed vessels?”

I said, “Of course.” And as I started organising the washed vessels and showing their places to her, she was hardly paying any attention. As I was trying to explain to her, I actually ended up doing most of the work and finished sorting out all the vessels.

Day 2:  I ask her to iron the clothes.

She tells me, “Oh! I can’t do ironing.”

I said, “Learn it by doing the easier clothes.”

She says, ” No ! I wont be able to learn.  I will burn all your clothes.”

Me: ” Ok. So, what can you do?

She says, “All other work.”

Day 3:  I ask her to cut the onions.

She: “Oh! I can’t cut them.”

I roll my eyes in sheer disappointment, “You don’t know how to cut onions ? ”

She, “No!  My eyes water a lot..”

I could not belive her answer. I wanted to know her background wondering where this princess has come from. May be she was Cinderella and send to work at her step mother’s house.  May be she was a princess in exile.

I: “What does your father do?

She: ” My father is a cobbler.”

Long pause…….. Yes, I was judging her. Here, all my life I have been brought up in the most comfortable life and yet I know how to iron my clothes, cook my own food, I know how to cut onions and never have I refused to cutting onions on the pretext of my eyes watering.

Then she tells me, “You know didi, I am getting married next month.”

Me, “Yeah, good for you, But you don’t know any of the household work. What are you going to do after marriage?”

She confidently replied, “What have I to do with the house work. My mother-in-law will do that.”

Her answer let me to thinking. May be she is a lazy person and she will have to learn everything the hard way or may be she is an over smart one who pretends that she doesn’t know anything and thus she thinks that she can get away without doing any work in life..

I felt like telling her, “Honey, life is not as stupid as you think and when you think you fooled her she will put you to a tougher task.”

Day 4:  I had my hands full with groceries and was carrying my son as he was tired of walking, I kept on ringing the house bell.

No answer.

Then I put my son down, my bags on the side. And I hunt for my keys in the purse and open the door.

Madam was happily watching her TV serial. I ask her in anger, ” Why did you not open the good daam door?”

She replied, ” I did not hear the bell as I had put the serial on loud as I wanted to hear all the dialogues properly.”

Loosing all my patience, I finally fired her!  Ha ha ha ha…….

I cannot manage with such lazy people.

Because hard work is fixed in my DNA. Both my grandfathers came from the villages and both of them after hard-work, persistence and discipline made it big in their respective fields.

And here because of my grandfathers who worked and slogged hard, I could have a comfortable life. I am glad that I never forget their stories.

Here I am sharing my ancestral food.

Patel style khichadi or Vaghareli Khichadi as we call it at home.

This is cooked most of time for dinner in a Patel house hold.

It is a meal in itself and is tailored made from home  to home.

I am sharing a recipe of the one that I make it at least once in a week for dinner.



Ingredient :

1 cup rice

1/2 cup tuvar dal

1 big potato chopped into pieces (1 inch length)

2 onions chopped

1/2 cup green tuvar (optional)

10-12 garlic cloves broken (yes it has lots of garlic, good for heart 🙂 )

1 tbsp red chili powder

1/2 tbsp turmeric powder

1/2 tbsp mustard seeds

Pinch of hing

2-3 whole chilies

3 tbsp of oil

Salt to taste


Soak the rice and dal for 20 minutes in water.

Take a pressure cooker add oil and heat it.

To that, add mustard seeds.  Once the seeds start spluttering,  add hing and whole chilies.

After 10 seconds add the onions and the garlic, cook till the onions are translucent.

Then add the potatoes and the green tuvar.

Add the turmeric, chili powder.

To this add the dal, rice and salt. Add water ( to 1 cup of dal and rice add 2 cups of water)

Put the lid of the cooker and Pressure cook for 3 whistles.

Let it rest and then serve the khichadi with pickle, curd, buttermilk, papad, onions. Whatever you feel like..:-)


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