The other day,  my son got a new set of markers as a gift. He loves them but the only problem is that,  they have some sort of permanent ink and the ink doesn’t go from his hands even after washing them several times.

Usually,  its a task to put my son in his bath. So that same day, I was trying to convince him to take all his Paw Patrol toy pups in the bath as well. I told him, “Look how dirty these pups are! Give them a bath along with yourself.”

He examines his toys and says, “where are they dirty? They are clean. They don’t need a bath.”

Then, as if an idea came into his head,  his eyes lit up and he says, “Mumma, we can make them dirty first and then we can take them for a bath.”

Agreeing for a bath, I liked the idea.  So I told him, ” Yeah. Lets make them dirty.”

So he went inside and brought his new markers out and was about to paint his pups with them. I stopped him reminding him, “But these markers colours doesn’t  go from you hands so they will not go from your toys as well and your toys will get spoilt.  Use the other markers.”

My son insisted, “No! I only want to use these.” He already started painting one of his pups..

Me again repeating,  “Don’t do it.”

No response! He was busy with his paint work, completely zoned out and was ignoring anything that I was saying.

Then I asked him a question, “What if your pups get spoilt permanently? ”

Now,  my son looked up, looked directly in my eyes and confidently informed me, “Mumma, the color will wash off and the pups will not get spoil.”

I was getting slightly irritated cause I knew his favourite toys will be permanently damaged. I continued,  ” and if they get spoilt, you will not complain.  You will accept the responsibility.”

This 4 year old was very sure of himself and confidently told, “I will not complain and its ok if they get spoilt.”

Now, I had no other option but to sit on the side and watch everything. I thought,  soon I will tell him, “Look, I told you so.”

My son was busy painting his toys. I got busy with something else. Then finally, I put him in his bath with all his pups and suddenly he showed me, “Look mumma,  the pups are all clean and  all the color is gone.”

I could not believe it! I was sure since the color doesn’t go from his hands, it will not go for his pups but yes, they were all clean.

He gave me the “I told you” look.

Then and there,  I realised just because we are the parents, we are older and somewhat wiser. We cannot be always right.  No one can be always right.

I apologised to my son and I assured him, ” Wow! You are right! The color did come  off and I am sorry that I thought other wise.”

My son, slashing in his bath tub, smiled at me with his cute dimple, ” Its ok mumma.”

That day, I learned a lesson. We, as parents, have an ego that we know everything but in reality we all are ignorant humans trying to find our way on this earth. We don’t know everything and thus lets give our children, the benefit of doubt and not be an egoistic , thinking  that we know everything and use words like, “I told you so..” Cause in reality,  no one knows everything. So be it a 4 year olds or a 40 year old, lets not use these words and let them learn on their own and who knows, many times we learn out of it.

I thought about this idea the whole time as I cooked my dinner.

With this new found light on parenting,  I am sharing a few tips about cooking as well.

1. Never push you self in finishing that wine bottle. As alcohol numbs your thinking power and add more information, ideas etc in your suppressed mind. Who wants to deal with that ! Instead leave out some wine and add in that pasta sauce after a few days.

Yumm! and very authentic.

2. Cook vegetables as sides with dinner. Its healthy and help you maintain your weight. I always cook a side these days and thus I relish my dinners. But the quantity intake is less than before. Plus I live in hope that one day by seeing me eating those veggies, my son will start eating them too.

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