It was during these Christmas vacation days when I send my son to my father’s office so that I could take a bath and finish some errands.

I was about to reach the office and my dad called in a slight worried tone asking me where I was.

As I entered his office, my father had a worried and a confused look.

Dad: “I am not sure but I think he has swallowed one of these white things that are fixed at the back of the sketch pens..”

I looked  at my son who has green sketch pen color all over his lips and tongue. But he confirms, “No ! I have not swallowed it. It fell some where down here.”,  pointing the floor of the office.

So we check the whole office but  we cannot find that white plastic thing.

When one is in panic,  one always calls mom. My dad too added, “Yes!  Call mom. She will know what to do.”

So I called my mom, “mom, Help ! What to do.?”

She asks me to call the doctor immediately and says that she is near by thus she too is reaching the office in 5 mins..

I call my son’s doctor.

I am panicking, almost stammering. I narrate the doctor what happened.

The doctor is cool as a cucumber. He probably must have received more than hundreds of phone calls like this one over his life time of practice. He says , “Its a small plastic piece. he might not have swallowed it and if he has,  it will find its way out by tom morning or day after. If it was metal, then we would be worried. So nothing to worry.”

By now, mom too has reached the office and who is checking my son, his mouth, his stomach and what ever she feels that will give her some evidence as in has he swallowed it or not.

After talking to the doctor, I calm down and everyone else around me also calms down. Well my son is like a baby cucumber. He too is tensionless and still confirming, “I am telling you.  I did not swallow  it.”

Me and mom again search the office, again looking under the tables, the furniture gaps in the corners but still could not find that white piece. After rolling in every corner of my father’s office, we give up the search.

We decide to wait for it to find its way in the morning.  Mom suddenly announces, “If my work is done here then I need to rush home.  I still have to make palak raita.”

I too realise that it was time to take my little monster home as baby sitting grand dad could not mange to do any work since morning – thanks to my son ! Ha ha ha……..

Thanks to mom, I too decided to make palak raita the next day morning. Nothing like a great start in the morning with a healthy breakfast. Also for the rest of the day, one feels less guilty if one cannot exercise or accidentally but intentionally eats candy !

Its an easy recipe but thought of reminding everyone else too.


2 cups beaten curds

1 cup blanched  spinach finely chopped

1 green chilies

A pinch of sugar

1 tsp jeera powder

And salt to taste


Mix all the ingredients and Voila done !  Your raita is ready to eat.

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