Sometimes I feel, we are a filmy family as we use filmy dialogues in our everyday lives. Recently we were planning a family trip to London.

Toh bas ! London aya and in my head comes the scene from Andaz Apna Apna of when Teja’s chamcha asks him, ” sir app london kyu nahi gaye?” And Teja replies in despair and regret, “kese jata london? Kya mujhe london nahi dekhna tha ?” (more funny words continue) watch..

And this dialogue is being used in our house since decades now!

10th grade summer vacation: Trip to Europe. The trip was started in London and was going to end in London. Before the trip, my younger sister would tell me, you better get good grades or else “kese jata london hojayee ga didi !”

During this whole trip, while we were on the bus travelling through Europe, we used to use this dialogue all the time whenever we would talk about london, matlab anyone says london and we had to continue with Teja’s accent, “kese jata london..”

Cut to Just Graduated : I was planning to go to study my MBA in UK. That time through out the paper work of the visa and the exams I would tell my family, “oh i need to check everything properly cause if not kese jata london? Kya muze london nahi dekhna tha?”

Cut to A very pregnant bed rest mother: my mom and sister were visiting London and as they were leaving my sister said, “oh we are going to miss you in London.” I had to add humour to that senti scene, “I said but of course kese jata London? “Ha ha ha !

cut to 5 months pregnant sister: me, my mom and my son were off to london, and she says “kese jata london?”

Cut to check -in line of air india flying to London: the lady checks mine and my son’s papers and tells us we cannot fly as our visa as some problem. My mother leaves for London and me and my son go back home to fly once when we can… and in all that once i was going back home not sure when we will go to London.  Later in the eve, I called my sister and told her, “yaar mere saath toh kese jata London hogaya, kya muzhe london nahi dekhna tha?” Ha ha ha !

Cut to updating this post here in London as we are struggling with out jet-lag:

As we are struggling with the jet-lag thought of updating this post

so Teja finally made it to London, I do think if there was an Andaz Apna Apna 2, still Teja would not be able to go to London and say “kese jata london, abhi bhi mieh london nahi ja paya..”. ha ha ha !

Sharing this recipe as earlier I thought, “kese banati tandoori roti? Kya muzhe tandoori roti nahi banani hogee?”

Till I saw this aunty’s tutorial..

Try this if you are craving a tandoori roti or a naan with home cooked food…

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