Perfection is something we need to strive and try to reach everyday..

When I read these lines, I realise how imperfect I am and to reach there it might take years or maybe lives and yet I realised that everyday I must try just a little more than the day before…

All though rolling these were far from perfection, shall surely get better with time ..

Just as these lines explain a perfection of a a woman..

Inescapable in her divine appeal,

Her immense possession an undying thrill,

An intoxication and an ecstasy:

The passion of her self -revealing moods,

A heavenly glory and variety,

Makes ever new her body to his eyes,

Or else repeats the first enchantment’s touch,

The luminous raptures of her mystic breasts

The beautiful vibrant limbs a living field

Of throbbing new discovery without end.

A new beginning flowers in word and laugh,

A new charm brings back the old extreme delight:

He is lost in her, she is his heaven here.

Truth smiled upon the gracious golden game.”


One step at a time..😊

Sharing the recipe of the above mushroom spinach rolls

Recipe courtsey: mummy ka magic TV show


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