Son wanted to eat his biscuits in bed, I intervened and told him, “you cannot eat food in bed.. no one eats food in bed.”

Immediately son counter argues, “Well Spongebob eats in bed..” 

I was speechless with this answer.. but somehow I did convince him not to eat in bed, declaring spongebob as mad man and silly, “but my Kabir is not like him right?”

Many days back he refused to wear his pants, “mama I don’t want to wear pants, why do I have to wear them, its too hot.”

So the filmy keda ( bug) I am, I told him.”..come here I will show you something “, so I made him  wear his pants and said look, putting on his zip, ” eek second mieh up” pulling down his zip “eek second mieh down” and did it few times, this interested him and mission accomplished he was dressed for the day.. .. well thats what I thought.. then almost a month later, he comes to me and tells me, “you know  my thingy also eek minute mieh up and then eek minute mieh down, why so mumma?”  

I laughed so hard, I did give him some explanation which I don’t remember but no more..”eek second up and eek second down” 3 idiots filmy stuff…ha ha ha..

Also since last 2 months or so he decided to wear two different shoes on his legs thus in one leg he would wear a  blue shoe  and another he would wear a red shoe, we never asked him why..infact decided to ignore as I though two different shoes is ok, its better than the summer days when he decided its too hot I don’t want to wear my Tshirt.

Then recently one of his aunts  asked him, “why are you wearing one red shoe and the other blue shoe?”

Cooly he answered, “because I want to make  purple, red plus blue makes purple.”

All i did was nod my head in disbief 

every parent under goes similar situations,  we have to use most of our brains anwering questions, thus there isn’t much left end of the day  to decide other things..

Thus sharing an easy brainless recipe when our brains needs to take a break after a long session of negotiations or reasoning out with our children.  


Ingredients :

Serves 4

4 medium sized boiled potatoes peeled and cut into cubes

1 cup curd

1/2 tbsp ghee

2 tsp hing ( i use in abundance in this recipe)

1 tsp jeera 

1 tsp dried coriander seeds

1 tsp amchur ( mango) powder

1 tsp mustard seeds

2 tsp red chilie powder

1 tsp turmeric powder 

Coriander for garnish

Salt to taste


Heat the ghee in a pot, add jeera and musturd seeds. Once they splutter  add coriander seeds, hing, red chilie powder and turmeric. 

Imediately add the cubed potatoes and amchur, mix well. Cook for about a minute and add curd. Also add 1 cup of water and salt. Mix well, cover and cook for about 5 minutes till all the spices are mixed well. 

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot. 

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