Does any one remember a luna? Its a hybrid verson of a bicycle which had an engine to run it. These days I haven’t seen a luna on the road, very rarely I come across one. A luna always, always reminds me the comedy of Andaz Apna Apna movie.

Well one can appreciate a good street photograph with memories of comedy as well, its good to have a and then, imagine if there was no laughter in life how dull life would be?

If someone asks me which is my favourite movie before 3 idiots had been released it would be hands down Andaz Apna Apna, right now it is a close second by just a point five margin. Thus all my childhood I would constantly repeat dialogues or enact scenes from this movie with my sister, friends, cousins and not to forget even with my parents.

Check this scene out, its epic comedy..

 I always laugh on this scene thinking why would those two go and rescue the third person on a luna when two people are already crowded on a luna.. ha ha what a well written and directed comedy, the funniest in this scene is the dialogue, “eh chal chal neech uttar goodi wala..” hiralious…timeless

In fact the story of Luna also has a personal twist, it was during school days, now I will have to be discreet about the details of when and how cause if I give away clues the luna owner will definitely come to know that it was me and hunt me down beat me up even today ha ha..

It happened in a land not very far away, in its parking lot this person’s luna would be parked everyday. I was a naughty teenager that time. Me and my friends would always be hanging around at that place. I would get on that parked luna and would enact this scene from andaz apna apana, since the luna would be parked on its stand I would back paddle it and move my shoulder from side to side just like in the scene and  give background music … tan tan..tan..ta ta ta.. and so many times as I would back paddle the luna’s chain would come out or the luna would fall, oh! once the paddles even hurt my ankles badly . when ever the watch man would come we would run away from the luna. I would also leave my litter on the luna when we had to run, this always made the luna owner furious and thats why I am not writing more. Those were the good old childhood days, innocent masti..😊 

Infact if I every forget my yaddash, I would love to see Andaz Apna Apna again, I  would able to laugh again just like I had laughed at it when I saw the first time. We four girl friends had seen this movie for the first time on a night stay and this luna scene had given me such a stomach ache from the laughter. SIMPLY EPIC COMEDY


  1. Andaz Apna Apna is a cult classic! I can’t fathom how did it not go on to become a blockbuster 😦 Maybe cos not everything works out according to the ‘Pilaan’ 😀
    Cheers! 🙂

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