And Satyavan looked out from his soul’s doors

And felt the enchantment of her liquid voice

Fill his youth’s purple ambience and endured

The haunting miracle of a perfect face.

He turned to the vision like a sea to the moon

Adored a new divinity in things.

His self-bound nature foundered as in fire;

His life was taken into another’s life.

To worship a godhead greater than their own.

An unknown imperious force drew him to her.

Gaze met close gaze and clung in sight’s embrace.


Although as unknown beings we seem to meet,

Our lives are not aliens nor as strangers join,

Moved to each other by a causeless force.

The soul can recognise its answering soul

Our knowings; we are greater than our thoughts,

And sometimes earth unveils its vision here.

To live, to love are signs of infinite things,

Love is a glory from eternity’s spheres.

Love dwells in us like an unopened flower

Awaiting a rapid  moment of the soul,

The child-god is at play, he seeks himself

In many hearts and mind and living forms:

He lingers for sign that he can know

And when it come, wakes blindly to a voice,

A look, a touch, the meaning of a face.




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