Its impossible to reason out with any child over three years. 

They have their simple logic and suddenly their intelligence has shot up.. 

Things that all mom’s have to deal with every minute of their lives.

“Mumma I don’t want to go to school, why do I have to go?”

After lots of answers and counter questions..

“Well dikra, if you wont go to school you will become a dumbo..”

“But mumma I want to become a dumbo then why do I have to school.”

In this process I feel two hair on my head turned grey. 

Then about food..

Everyday its like a moment of suspense, will he eat or just drink his  favorite milk instead.

So everyday I try to cook something that interests him, boy that is a challenge. 

From green roti made from spinach to spider man red color roti made from beat to heart shape cutlets to heart shape omlet to star shape bhaji…

And there is always a 50% success rate, so thats not too bad..

Another thing I started is to watch cooking shows with him and as he gets interested I ask him, ” will you eat this?”

If he says yes, I make it..

The other day we were watching the TV show Turban Tadka and chef was cooking a beet apple halwa. I liked it , I changed the process and made on my own and it was really good.

My son hardly ate it, all of us feasted on it.

Its a very healthy recipe try it, may be your child might eat it..

As I update this recipe my admant very choosy little one did not eat dinner cried for milk finally drank milk and is fast asleep.. another day done and dusted..

Today I asked him, “why do you want to drink milk, you are a big boy, small babies drink milk.”

He straightly declared, “yes I want to go back to being a small baby, from today I am a small baby and will only drink milk.”

I guess my son is the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

” till when are you only going to drink milk?”

“Next two days, only milk.”

So next two days I have challeged him only to drink milk..

I too declared, “fine no roti, no rice.” His face lighted up..

Then suddenly it lost its excitement as I added his favorite food in the list, “no gajjar halwa, no egg, no chocolate, no ice cream..”

He nooded and I confirmed then exausted he slept off in my lap …

So well lets see how this two day experiment goes.. does it have an agreeing results for me.. well will have to wait patiently without reacting. 


Recipe Inspired by TURBAN TADKA Cookery show


(Serves 4)

2 beets peeled and gratted 

1 apple peeled and gratted

1 tbsp ghee

3-4 tbsp of jaggery 

500ml milk

2 tbsp mava or khoya

1-2 tsp elichi powder


Heat the ghee in non stick kadhai.

Add the beet and cook for 2-3 minutes.

Add the milk and let it simmer till all the milk evaporates, (this might take good 30 minutes). Half way in this process addthe grated apples.

Once almost all the milk has evaporated. Add the jaggery and mava. Keep on stirring.

Finally sprinkle elichi powder.

Taste the balance of flovour and serve.


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