Guilty as charged !!

Ha ha ha !! This video says it all…

Yes I admit I am one of those food freaks.

And the biggest problem is that I myself cannot follow a strict diet as khudh mere chakkar mieh I have to eat a snack at midnight.

When I was processing these Lasagna photos late at night,  I got hungry. In our house maggi comes on demand toh woh bhi nahi thi.

What did I eat late at night then? Khakhra !! Yes, I am a proper Gujarati girl ( cant do without khakhra) and peanuts and Indori sev ( as I am married to an  Indori, I am hooked on to that sev!!) and finally had a rasgulla. Damm !! There goes my days of  hardwork on eating oats, salad, eggs and peanut butter. Whatever..

I am sharing this forgotten recipe of Lasagna

I did not cook Lasgna since a long time as its time consuming with many processes.  Then I remebered this simple recipe shared by a friend.

This is an easy recipe to do it for a party as well..


recipe courtsey: Priyanka Lalbhai Patel

Ingredients: ( serves 2)

5-6 cups of Italian tomato sauce (consistency liquidy)

2-3 cups of gratted cheese ( I used cheddar)

5 cups of chopped mixed vegetables (potatoes, carrots and french beans)

Lasagna strips

1 cup of milk


Heat olive oil in a non stick pan, add all the chopped vegetables and cook till they are almost done.

Take a lasagna baking dish and spread some of the sauce on the bottom.

Place the lasagna strips.

On the strips add more sauce, cooked vegitables and gratted cheese.

Cover with lasagna  strips and repeat the steps till the baking dish is filled up. Add some milk if required. Make sure all the lasagna strips are covered properly in the sauce.

Finally cover with gratted cheese and put it in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for atleast 40 mins.

Serve with bread.

Tip: oven temperatures may vary so please adjust accordingly.

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