Around 2 at night no energy to finish my daily target…so well lets read some poetry, with hope that tomorrow will catch up…

sharing what I read..

We meet a deep unseen Reality

Far truer than the world’s face of present truth:

We are chased by a self we cannot recall

And moved by a Spirit we must still become.


“Oh, surely one day he shall come to our cry,

One day he shall create our anew

And utter the magic formula of peace

And bring perfection to the scheme of things.

One day he shall decent to life on earth,

Leaving the secrecy of the eternal doors,

Into the world that cries to him for help,

And bring the truth that sets the spirit free,

The joy that is the Baptism of the soul,

The strength that is the outstretched arm of Love.

One day he shall lift his beauty’s dreadful veil,

Impose delight on the world’s beating heart

And bare his secret body of light and bliss”







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