The most common problem for dinner menu in any household.

Wife: What should I make for dinner? What do you want to eat?

Husband: Make Lasagna or cold pasta.

Wife: Oh well, I don’t have lasagna strips at home. Why cold pasta, that’s a salad.

Husband: Hummm……. Well handvo?

Wife: Not possible. I need to prepare it in the morning.

Husband: Then make what you want.

Wife: No, help me out. Pick a cuisine. You haven’t eaten at home since so many days.

Husband: Well, lets have panni puri tonight.

Wife: Ok, shall make panni puri on sunday. Its my cheat day. What shall I make today?

Ha ha ha!!!! This is the story of our home as well. So I am giving  light to this typical frustrating conversation we have on days when Mr. Foody who does not have much choice for dinner who is eating at home.

Most husbands think that the wife will eventually cook what she has planned before and asking is just a formality. But that’s not totally true. Most of the times we want to cook what the family wants to eat but we are confused as all should be in harmony like- What the husband wants to eat, ingredients present in the kitchen and what can be cooked on without much prep ! ha ha ha !!

So I told myself, lets rewind and make what he wants to eat.

These days is vacation time for my son and going for grocceries is not an option as my little boy refused to come along. So I  went and check out Mr. Fridge. That day was a bad day for our Mr. Fridge. He wasn’t loaded with many options !

But I remembered Nani ( Rockstar grandmother who lives in mumbai) telling us – it’s an art to cook from leftovers and limited options. So true! I felt I was in Masterchef Australia’s kitchen, where George has given a challenge to cook from the available ingredients.
Mr. Fridge- What do you have ?

2-3 tomatoes..

Few leaves of basil.

I had left over wine which I had brought from my dad’s wine cooler which mom was more then happy to give me. She was like, “take it, please help me. its no use and lying here.”

Black olives.

And our kitchen always has onions, garlic and olive oil.

Ok workable !

As I was cooking and tasting the pasta sauce,  (actually more than tasting I was eating it) I needed some punch to it. All was going well, but something…..

Again I check out Mr.Fridge, in the corner behind all the mangos, some leftover cheese sauce for nachos was shounting at me like the toys talk in Toy story. Of course , not in Tom Hanks voice as my production cannot afford him but saying, “pick me, pick me please. I hate this cold atmosphere, I want to be eaten, I want to be warm.”  Well,  in the sauce’s defence everyone hates a cold atmosphere made by cold people!

I finally added the left over cheese sauce and the pasta got it final punch in flavour and smoothness.

Try this pasta which can be eaten hot or cold.

Its got tomatoes, onions, lots of garlic, basil, left over wine, left over cheese sauce, chili flakes, salt and pepper.

All happy !!!

Me – cause I passed my own invention test.

Son – as he wanted to play at home and not to be dragged at the groccery store in this heat.

And Mr. Finally home after many days of work travel – as his wife cooked what he really wanted to eat.

All happy.. Aal Izz well..

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