Some years back me and my husband were traveling to our common friend’s wedding in Banglore. We took the earliest possible flight out from ahmedabad to catch up with our old friends.

Our flight was from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. Our flight was going to stop at Mumbai,  deboard some passengers and board with many and one of our friend and together we would reach Banglore. I gladly gave my  husband the window seat as my agenda was to sleep all the way. The flight had not even taken off  and I slept off on my husband’s  shoulders.

When the flight stopped at Mumbai, our friend had book his seat a row in front of us. Bored with his sleeping wife, my husband informed me that he was sitting with our friend. I said “OK” and dozed off back again and off I was in La la land. Along with the background score I could hear my husband and our friend’s voices come and go, discussing on football, clubs buy out… blah blah blah…oh so boring I thought..better to sleep.

I slept like a baby. When the landing announcements were made I felt a familiar touch on my shoulder. Someone softly whispering my name. I opened my eyes and I see my husband from the front seat waking me up and giving me a weird look. I thought- oh damm. I completely  forgot he had changed his seat…. then who is this one whome I am sleeping so comfortably on? I get up with a jerk.

I look at the person next to me who’s hand I had made my pillow. A young hefty man froze in fright next to me. For few seconds me, my husband and that man were looking at each other. The poor man was looking so afraid he probably thought…. either she will slap me or her husband will !

In order to break this akward silence my husband asks that fellow, ” dude do you mind going back to your seat so I can sit with my wife ?”

The man awkwardly said.”yeah of course.”

Once my husband came next to me, he said, “what? You forgot I was sitting in front?” He was almost about to burst out laughing…

Our friend too was laughing in the front seat. We all were laughing except for that poor man I guess !

Then my husband and our friend teased me all the way to the hotel that how sleepy head I was that I slept on that poor man. Ha ha ha!!!

Then our friend added, ” what poor man? he must have enjoyed it.  He is going to tell all his friends that a girl slept on him on the flight.”  ha ha ha !

Somedays back on remembering this incident my husband tells me, ” that’s not right. It is more difficult for us men, we are taken in the wrong sense many times when we are actually innocent. ”

He adds,” In the banglore flight if that man was as tired as you were and slept on you then? ”

I instantly replied, ” I would have poked him with my elbow, pushed him and woken him and told him to stay on his side. And I admitted that I have done that many times.”

My husband adds,”  imagine if I slept by mistake on a girl in a flight, then?”

I confirm, ” yeah difinetly you would get a push or a slap from her as well.”

Husband, ” see Its not fair then right?”

I said, “Well right now we are referred as the weaker sex.  We have our advantages, when it will be the other way round you will get to sleep on a girl’s shoulder throught out the flight.” ha ha ha !

Since its about travel, I am sharing a recipe I learnt on my recent travel.

Recipe inspired by: room service menu of Park Hyatt Goa.

Recipe of Veg kathi roll

Serves 4


4-5 roti cooked in half wheat and half maida

200 g of paneer cut into long pieces – 1 inch long

2 capsicum cut juliene

2 onions cut juliene

1/2 cup curd

2 tsp garam masala

2 tsp chat masala

2 tsp chilly powder

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

Juice of half lemon

2 tbsp oil

Coriander for garnish

Salt to taste


Heat the oil in a non stick pan. Fry the onions and the capsicum till they are well cooked.

Add all the masala’s. Cook for 2 mins. Add the curds. Cook till all the water of the curd has evaporated.

Season with salt and garnish with coriander.

Place the cooked mixture in the center of the roti, roll it and serve with pudina chutney and onion slices.

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