When I was reading, “The lady with the little Dog”  by Anton Chekov , the first thing that came to my mind was the movie, “The Reader.”

Oh I am too filmy! Plus my parents almost have a doubt that I was born in reverse as I always do things ‘ulta’ ( the other way), cause movies inspire me to read. For normal people, its a book that makes them watch a movie.

I had seen “The Reader” when it was released. That time I did not understand the affair nor their love, for me life was too rigid and defined with rights and wrongs.

Then I read my grandfather Pannalal Patel’s autobiography. It totally transformed me as I person. I feel after my granfather’s autobiography, I suddenly grew 10 years wiser (not older) Then I saw this movie again, it created an earth quake in my consciousness. It shattered all the layers of virtues, moralities, judgements and definations. It dived deep in and touched my soul and finally I understood this story is about Love of two souls !

This movie reminded me of my grandfather’s  love affair  with a much older woman.  Infact my dada was also of the same age as the boy in the movie i.e. 15 years old. His 3 day affair lasted a life time of love. This love helped him write so many pure stories on love as he had lived it.

Recently I did get my hand on “The Lady with the little dog.” I belive all the three stories, the lady, the reader and my grand fathers’s love affair are on the same theme, a tabooed love which was so pure that could never be forgotten, it stayed with them forever..

I suggest everyone to watch “The Reader“. Please see  the uneditied verson as the love making scenes are very neccessary to understand the intimacy and intensity of the affair and how the reading of stories was connected to their love making – for me, it is one of the best love stories in a form of a movie. This movie is based on a german novel.

In the end he tells about his love affair when he was 15 years old to his daughter who is shown of the same age. Earlier he looked on his affair as shameful but by the end of the movie he learned to keep that love alive. I belive him confessing his past to his daughter, got him closer to her and in a way he was communicating to her that he would surely understand her if in case she got into some complicated tabooed love. Isn’t this what we need to do as parents when our children fall in love?


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