For those who know me always ask me this same question – when do I get the time to write?  Ha ha ha…  So I too was wondering when do I write?

Well, I write my blog when my son is taking a long bath and making ice cream for his animals friends from his bath foam !

Or when he is playing with his numbers and tells me with a hand gesture,  “mumma ja” ( mom please go) and roll my eyes and imagine what it will be when he will be a teenager.

Or when he is sitting on his throne doing his business and counting the number of poops he managed to do on that particular time.

Or when I put on his favourite Paw Patrol cartoon as he wants to watch his favourite episode where Sky gets lost and eventually gets found. Suddenly I realise that he recognises that Sky is a girl and blushes and tells me, “oh she is so cute.”

Or when he is finally taking his afternoon nap ( which is not happening during vacation days) or when I fill the pool for him or when he is busy organising and cleaning his toy cars.

Or when he is busy playing with his grandparents asserting to his grandmother, ” ma you are firetruck” and his grandfather,  “nanu you are police car and I am ambulance.” So, at the age of 60, he makes his grandparents behave like children sirening round and round in the whole house !

Many times I use to write and update, waiting for my son outside his Preschool. So writing is never a problem. I always manage to get a few minutes here and there. Right now as I am writing, my little monster is playing in the garden watering the plants and getting him self wet while assisting our Raju bhaiya.

But cooking is more time consuming and I have to stand in the kitchen. Many times I have to leave half cooked food to attend him.

Sometimes he would sit on the kitchen platform and see what I am doing.

Sometimes he will come and stand right behind me and start pulling my clothes and says, “mumma come please.” And I have no choice but to go and help him with his toy as waiting is not an option in Kabira’s world !

Right now I don’t have much time to cook. Earlier I could be in the kitchen for hours but these days that is not possible.

Sunday is the only day when daddy daycare is home and is most enthusiastic to take charge and I get to cook. On one of those  sundays, I had all the time in the world. I had brought Rigatoni pasta from the grocerry store and thought of making a simple red sauce which I learnt from Masterchef Australia when Marco Peirre White took a Master class.

I don’t want to be modest but in all my honesty it is the best red sauce I have ever cooked. The red color was so vibrant and bright, I gave myself a star that day – just like the preschooler’s teachers give their students.

I am sharing a video of Marco explaning his classic tomato sauce. Oh! This is of a young Marco, such a dishy guy ! No pun intended.

Why buy it when you can make it, right !!!

I think my sauce turned out really fine with added spice of music. I put this song on repeat mode as I was cooking.

What a joyful time it is music with cooking!! Just like old times..😊

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