Ever since I had my son, I hardly have any me time. I really wanted some time to enjoy, to do nothing, may be do things aimlessly. So I retrospected  and asked myself, “what do I love doing in my own company which I do not get to do?” Well, I could answer in a second, “I love watching a GOOD movie in the theatre “.

My childhood has precious memories but out of all those,  the best ones have something to do with movies or the event of going to the movies or the food that mom and aunties use to pack for the movies. Basically something filmy has to be there in the top memories.

So yes, I wanted to go and watch a movie. With my  husband awfully busy and my son sleeping every night by 8.30 sharp (I wonder what happens to him during school days cause bed time is way late) I decided to go to a movie by myself. Yeah, I love my company. I love movies and I like popcorn, and sort of have an addiction for Diet Coke. Ok,  sounds like a plan !

I was suppose to go watch a comedy suggested by my mom and sister. I asked my mom to babysit ( he is no longer a baby. Ha Ha  Ha !!!  ) My little baba!!

In the morning I dressed him up real smart for his date with his grandmom and I dressed myself quite well for a date with myself. Off went my baba with his favourite person and off went I with my favourite narcissist self !

It was a friday and the movie was running for the the second week so I did not book the ticket. Movie time was 10.45. I thought I reached well in time at 10.30. That’s how we use to do in the olden days, but I guess times have changed or that movie was really good,  cause it was HOUSEFULL !!!!  What the..? Now what? Think…… Have to see a movie……

I check the other movies which are available. Its a biopic/documentary on Sachin Tendulkar. Well I am not a sports person, nor a cricket fan. Hum…..Think think….. Jaldi as the line is getting shorter….. That movie had started at 10.30 and the time was 10.38….

The woman in the window on the mike was saying , “Next!  Which movie?” Her tone had kind of startled me. I had to answer in a second.

“Sachin.. ”

She gives me the ticket and again shouts on the mike, “Its just started.”

I run…. Why was I running? I was not eager to watch this movie. But well , cannot miss a starting of any movie.

As I reach the door of the auditorium, the man at the door checks my ticket and stops me.  I ask him in a hurry, “picchar chalu thayu? How much have I missed?” ( I think that is the only question people must be asking him at his job all day! )

He tells me, “national anthem chale che..”

I smile in a sense of relief. I get to watch the whole movie.  Yeah!

As I sit in my seat, I realise the theatre is filled with yound boys and there was such tempo in the audience. Then another realisation – Its the first day first show.  Woow!  I had seen P.K. on purpose on its first day first show but this movie I was watching by chance. It was fun to watch a movie with college children. ( yes for me,  they are all children) The cheering and the excitement. As the movie started I got excited as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and my company! 😊

I am glad I sat in that movie, or wait a minute- may be I was meant to……

The movie inspired me at so many levels.

The aspiration, the persistence of a hero of the nation, his faith in God. I belive it is what has always kept him so grounded, consistent and humble.

I am not going to write more cause I am not a movie critic by profession. Its not my job to do that. My job is to enjoy a movie and have an experience and I did!

Infact I got overexcited when sachin was holding the World Cup.  I took out my phone to click a photo to send to my husband to let him know which movie I sat in. All the boys around me were doing it as well. Suddenly the theatre person comes to our row shouting “phone muki doh, put away your phone..” Opps! I forgot it is an offence to do that.  So basically I felt like I was back in college with the other college boys. Ha ha ha…..

As Zelda mentioned in one of her letters, “the cheif function of an artist is to inspire feelings.” This movie of the master surely  did it. It inspired me to come home and work harder.

It gave light to something new in my consciousness as later that night I dreamt about it as well 😊

I aways believed  its hard work, hard work and hard work if you want to achieve anything. This movie confirmed that above talent is hard work, passion, attitude, conviction and faith, faith and faith !

As I picked up my little master at his grandparents place, he had awesome fun with his grandma and aunt. they enjoyed baby sitting him and I had blissful time on my own. Win-win day for everyone.

On the way back home my son dozed off in the car.I got extra time so I did the other thing I love to do – I cooked.

Instead of making the everyday regular bhindi sabji I made this one and it turned out to be yummy…



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