Recently we experienced unseasonal rains. That night I read this poetry….

Its about Savitri’s thoughts and feelings when she knew Death was going to come soon to take  her beloved Satyavan as the destined day was round the corner.

“And throngs of blue – black clouds crept through the sky

And rain fled sobbing over dripping leaves

And storm became the forest’s titan voice.

Then the listening to the thunder’s fatal crash

And the fugitive pattering footsteps of the showers

And the long unsatisfied panting of the wind

And sorrow muttering in the sound-vexed night,

The grief of the act world came near to her

Night’s darkness seemed her future’s ominous face

The shadows of lovers’s doom arose 

And fear laid hands upon her mortal heart.”


That was Savitri’s ordeal but here in our world if it rained, it was jumping in puddles and trying to catch rain drops with our tongue.  Try it!  I taught that to my son and he loves it ! And he calls this activity as eating rain!!!  😊

Then my George gets curious and asks me questions like, “mumma what is the peacock saying? ”

“Hmm.. well I think he is telling his friends, it’s raining go home..” or I think though I did not say it out loud that he is warning Savitri in some other world that soon it will be time…

Ka ka ka..echoing from far

“Look mumma his friend is also replying yeah…I am going home..”

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