When I was travelling a few days back, in the mornings at breakfast I would have this papaya yogurt. I relished them so much, I would eat two of these yogurts at a meal.

In the same hotel, in our room a cloth folder was kept which had the hotel brochure in it. This folder had a simple truth written on it. I decided to bring the cloth folder home as well.


We all know this simple line yet we forget it when we start blaming people for our own unhappiness.

I think I can fairly say this line is true as for someone who blamed others when I could not find inner peace.

Today I can truly say I live in Paradise but this Paradise only I had to make it.

The day you stop blaming and stop expecting, the base of this paradise Island is formed. Then its up to you what you build with your thoughts, ideas, creativity, vision, actions and positivity.

If you tell yourself,  “All Izz well”,  it will be and if not let’s make it all well.

So this is question one should ask if they think they are living in hell, “how can I make it Paradise?”

“What should I accept? what should I delete? where should I let go? What should I move on from? Who should I be with? Who should I avoid? What are the things I love? ”

Here I am sharing this simple yogurt recipe. Actually its not really a recipe, it is an idea. As you can make mango, bannana, strawberry, berries whatever yogurt you prefer.

These days since it is vacation time there will be a lot of simple recipes which I will share as I make whatever is easy as my son loves to become the sous chef and assist me. Plus something to keep him busy for a few minutes.

Mix….Mix…Lick….Oopsi…Spilling…Making a huge mess but eventually we have fun and end up learning something new !

I made a lot, chilled it and ate it during the day.

Recipe: papaya yogurt

Sous chef: Kabir Nema


1 cup papaya grated ( remove the excess water)

1 cup low fat greek yogurt

1 tbsp honey

Method: mix all the ingredients well and put in the refrigerator to chill.

As I bid good bye to the sun, I brought this   beautiful feeling with me back home, along with a huge load of laundry !
I could not bring back the sea, the wind and the view in my suitcase but this feeling shall stay in my heart forever !!! 😊

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