Early morning I am still in bed and my son is shouting, ” mumma…mumma..”

I go out of the room and he asks me to play soccer with him. In my pyjamas and bare feet, both of us looking very funny,  playing and running around. My son is constantly instructing me how to play. I ask him, “tu bata de,  tu player hai ke referee?”

As I am playing indoor soccer with my son I am still pondering on the dream I had last night. I can remember its details vividly yet I cannot figure out what it means.

The next night again a dream comes and when its about to reach at a point where all makes sense I wake up ! I still cannot figure out what it means or may be my consciousness is not letting me figure it out.

Was then a sun a dream because there is night?

He lives secret in the chamber of thy soul,

A light shines there nor pain nor grief can cross.

A darkness stand between thy self and him

Where Ignorance is there suffering too must come,

Thy grief is a cry of darkness to light,

But pain came first then only joy could be.”


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