When nattu was a teenager, she tore her jeans..and made it a distressed shorts.. 

One of her uncle pointed out in disapproval “what is this? Why are you moving around like a beggar?”

She looked away and said nothing..

Then the uncle mutters, “what kind of fashion is this? This generation I tell you..”

It was her teen years, years of self expression and confusion. 

One day just like her favourite pop star she put on a blue nail polish..

Another realtive commented, “I do not understand why you need to put ink on your nails, this generation is too much.”

She did not care about this comment much, next day she put a black nail polish..

Then she got a bob cut and to look funky she asked her hair dresser to leave one stain of hair long.. she thought it was super cool..

She always neatly pinned up her hair in school but one day the pin came out and the teacher noticed it..

She called her at her desk,  scolded her asked for a scissors and cut her strain off..

The teacher kept on lecturing her and whole class in general..

To nattu the lecture did not make any sense as the lecture went on  from maners, to waste of money, to not studying properly to looking oversmart to how messed up this generation is..

After humiliating enough she asked her to go to her desk..and added the last line..”what kind of parents you have who allow all this, in my time our parents never allowed all this..”

Now this pissed nattu, she turned around looked back looked straight into the teachers eyes and told her, “mame my mother took me for the hair cut and she liked my idea, she said it looked nice on me and I am glad that she lets me do the things that her mother did not allow her..”

Many people asked nattu’s mom, “why do you allow her to dress up like that or let her collect WWF posters?, don’t add to the problems of this generation..”

Nattus mom knew what she was doing, she calmly said, “Its a phase, let her have the satisfaction of having freedom.” Her mom had only one condition, nothing permanent will be allowed. 

And she was right, it was a phase, soon Nattu herself threw away the posters, stopped using the dark nail polish, stopped reading dracula novels and started dressing like a girl..

Now that she was in college appearance wise she was very sober but a tornado of questions where twirling in her head..

Once after a day out at a friend’s house nattu comes home after sitting and listening to her friends family’s conversations..

She talks with her father, ” you know dad the biggest fear today with parents is that the next generation is going to be hopeless with the movies and the things happening and my friends relatives were telling us that our children will be drug adicts, alcoholics and Gods how many affairs they will have.. generations are going from bad to worse..”

Nattu’s Dad the amazing wisest person on planet for her, replies, “what a load of nonsense..what are you talking? Where did you hear all this?..”

Then she had a long conversation with her father that she will never forget..

“You know,  you need to trust your upbringing..trust your children..

“First you have to be a dedicated parent, do the best.. do it with full sincerity and love..

See our earlier generations thought about us that we will be hopefuless.. what wrong things we did? Not much,  We turned out fine..

Since we have raised you well, I know you will turn out fine and so will your children..

Remember one thing..


This is my story…I have been  raised by parents who never used words like “this generation “..” we never behaved like this in front of our parents”
And thanks to them I never look down on my son and his friends..

For my son I never have the fear of what he will do when he grows up, he is going to be fine cause he is only going to do what he sees so right now the ball is in my court..I have to be responsible enough to set a good example and ..all will be well…

I can’t stand when parents use words like..”aaj kal na chokravo” or “today’s generation”

I ask them..”what are you? Are you dead? If you are living today you are also today’s generation..”

Infact I am proud of today’s children in general..

Disclaimer: this is a general scenario so please don’t take it personally and if you really think this is the problem in your house please make changes..

We should be proud of this generation who knows how a car works to how an application is downloaded to how to do FaceTime to how to use a mobile.. they know so much more than us..

We should be proud of this generation where mothers laps are replaced by maids lap where ever few months the maid is sacked for getting pregnant by the house servant or who has no attachment to the child and who will just change a job for 500rs more..

We should be proud of this generation for whome growing is much more difficult as their  mother’s has agenda’s from gettinga promotion   over a single colleague thus she has to work much more and so her temper is shot on something spilled by the child in the house or when the child is taking too much time to eat his food..

We should understand this generation who’s parents wants to go to every happening hukka bar in town, take selfies, go to every concert, watch every movie realised in the city and do late nights and thus drivers, maids and servants have become their companions…

We should understand the toodler who’s mother decides to send him to 10 different classes so that he can survive the mind made competition who’s mother doesn’t understand all this will not matter if the child is not grown up freely playing in the mud, just lotering out side the house on the cycle and yet these children try to function the best in this stress, so when you see an angry and a screaming child please do not blame the child and say this generation..

I am proud of this generation who’s grandmothers are also more interested in organising the next kitty party or while baby sitting them the television is always on so that she can keep updated with her very important serials..

I am proud of this generation that they understand that their father is busy running for the next big cient from city to city..

I am proud of this generation where there are not many cousins to grow up and the bua’s chachi’s and mami’s  don’t bother to keep a bond with the children as they too are occupied in their own matters..

Thus this generation has learnt to adapt they have found solaces in mobiles, Ipads,in video   games and with the television sets.. so why blame them? They have no choice…give them some credit.. they are fighters and they are trying to be happy..

Why don’t people stop blaming the generation and take responsibility.. of doing the things the  old ways..

Lets be dedicated parents like the older generations who had no other agenda in thier lives but the happiness of thier children, just to see them happy..not rich not wearing branded clothes or possessing    things.. happy while they are walking..smiling in their sleep, laughing when someone farts, getting up with a smile, singing all the time, feeling free.. what a child should actually feel..


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