One late afternoon son refused to sleep, he was tired but bus yuhi..masti karni thi..

I told him “betta soohja warna Gabbar aajaye ga..” what am I saying “betta soohja warna Gogo ajayeega..” ok he is from a different generation what scares him? Nothing really! so I acted asleep so eventually he would get bored and fall a sleep..

But probably he had a sugar rush, oh no!its just him.. so he asks me for his paint brush and colors..

“When you get up I will give it to you”

He looks around, thinks for few seconds, “fine”

He showing me his finger “this is my brush” then he puts in his mouth, showing me his wet finger “this is color, look mumma this is blue color..” 

I Ignore…

I feel his wet finger painting my arms..then my face..”looks mumma” painting, “I mixed blue and yellow, its green..”

.. thats its need plan B to put him to sleep in the car or else I will be drenched in his saliva..

no time to comb my hair so I put this very nice cap, I wear my new spectacles, pay attention to the word new..

Put my son in the car seat. Driving from one fire station to another to showing him his favourite fire truck..finally son is falling sleepy..

Suddently I notice two romeos in a car are following us. They overtake my car and this is a sophisticated way of following someone..they overtook me and then would not give way and drive slowly in front of me keeping a check at my side signals, where I turn.

When I was in college many boys would follow home and most often I get them beaten up by our watchman and drivers and if my cousins or uncle are home toh woh bhi haat saaf  kar le te the.. boys following me would make me very angry and uncomfortable..back then 

Today I am cool as a cucumber very few things disturb me..

I played along cause this time I do not need anyone to save me I could just beat them up, bang their heads together and kick them where it hurts the most, last resort I could scream but they seemed harmless.

 I was thinking why are such small kids (I have a nephew older then those boys) following an aunty? they missed to see my son sleeping behind in the car seat.. they are probably thinking I am some college girl due to the specks and the cap… 

so we are almost about to reach so ofcourse I did not want the boys to know where I live so I stopped near someone’s house gate these boys reversed the car a bit they parked their car parallel to mine..

With hand action aggressively I asked what was it? Before the boy could say anything his friend tapped his shoulder and showed my son sleeping behind… they froze for a few seconds…

I again asked them what? By now I could not control my laughter..I was laughing in a mocking way at those boys…

They nodded their heads almost together started in disbelief and left..

I was thinking wow! my spectacles are looking cool…

Suddenly I remember its been 3 days and husband has not noticed them..humm..

After few days I go to do groceries wearing my spectacles, my fruitwala notices, “Ben nava chasma?”( new specks) 

Wow! Its been 7 days now husband has yet not noticed my new spectacles ..

In the evening husband is home I put him incharge to take care of our son…

I just could not keep it to myself, annoyed inside trying to act cool outside I tell mr. Having an affair with his mobile phone “by the way you did not notice my new spectacles.”

He looks up, “oh right new ones, got it today?”

Me coldly,”I got it seven days ago..”

So now to repair the damage he adds, “oh its better than your old red one.”

I am almost about to burst out laughing, “wrong again..”

Husband ,” yeah right old one was a marron frame..”

I stop him then and there, “buhut ho gaya, not even close..old one was a purple colored frame..”

So now poor husband tries to use his after crisis management skills, ” yeah but you need to show your new spectacles closer to me in a better way..”

I am still starting at him giving him a hint that all this will not work..

So he decides to change the topic..,”whats for dinner?”

I pass my verdict, “Handvo and you are going to eat it for the next few days as long as it last..”

He got the joke or may be it was not one. It was in one stand up Gujarati comedy shows where this man complains of the problem of this gujarati dish called handvo as it lasts for so many days that his wife would feed him handvo for more than 7 days or till it lasts.. in fact at the last day when the handvo was rock solid she grinded it in the mixer and added the powder on bread and gave it to him saying that it was a new item she cooked after watching a cookery show.

Well I think husband took the warning too seriously, he eat a lot of it for dinner, only a bit of handvo was left for breakfast..

But when I thought about this incident few minutes later, I thought, how can poor husband even notice the frame as whenever he sees me wearing it, its always with mis match pyjamas which has cooking stains all over accessorised with no make up and badly done hair.

This is a problem with all over involved mothers they just stop making an effort for the husband.

Infact I read this somewhere cant remember where but it stayed in my head, “marriage is when a wife stops shaving and husband grows a ponch…” well that true for both of us..!

Immediately I went to take a bath and shaved my legs..and later flaunted my hot pants in front of him.

Hopefully husband will do something about his pouch, well I doubt that cause if his belly is falt first thing his family will comment..”Dubla ho gaya hai beta..kuch kilati nahi hai..?” Ha ha ..


Handvo is another family dish, well its a world famous gujarati dish but I am going to share it the way we make in our my father calls it.. guju log ki cake..

I always ask my old cook to prepare the batter for me, that day too he had visited us and perpared everything, all I had to do was bake it..just like Betty Crocker.



2 cup dhokla handvo flour

1/4 cup sour curds 

1 cup grated bottle gourd (doodhi / lauki)

2 tbsp oil

2 tsp lemon juice

a pinch of soda bi-carb

3 tsp chilli powder

1/4 tsp turmeric powder (haldi)

3 green chilies finely chopped 

salt to taste

For the tempering 

1 tsp mustard seeds ( rai / sarson)

1/2 tsp sesame seeds (til)

1/4 tsp asafoetida (hing)

2 whole dried red chilies 


Take the flour, add the curds and water and mix well. Cover and keep aside to ferment overnight. ( consistency of the batter should be like the batter of very mosit cake)

Add the bottle gourd, 1 tbsp oil, lemon juice, soda bi-carb, chilli powder, turmeric powder, green chillies and salt and mix well. Keep aside.

Temper the remaining oil and add the mustard seeds.

When the seeds crackle, add the sesame seeds, whole red chilies and asafoetida and sauté on a medium flame for a few seconds.

Pour the tempering in the flour mixture and then transfer the flour mixture into a baking tray. Drizzle sesame seeds on it.

Put it in a pre heated over about 180 deegrees Celsius for 45 mintutes or till the whole batter is cooked and the crust os gloden brown. it is done when the fork comes out clean. 

This handvo is an all rounder..

You can eat it hot or cold..

Thus you can have it at dinner, lunch, breakfast..

Great for tiffins, picnics, travels..and it lasts for days ..

Thus I totally agree with the stand up comedian, yes we wives can overdose our husbands with Handvo…


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