The other day I had gone to buy stationeries.  I bought a fountain pen remembering the good old school days. Its really fun to write with it.  It takes a bit longer then my regular pen but atleast my handwriting are getting better.

Finally my 7th grade teacher, who was behind me to improve my handwriting, should be happy. She must be thinking abhi akkal ayee…wow! even donkeys learn faster. After all the exams and all the board exams where I lost many marks due to bad handwriting now I am making them better!  chalo koi nahi, jaab jage taab savera..

As I was reading this peom, I wrote this down with my new pen in my dairy..

Out of the crystal windows gleamed a will

That brought a large significance to life.

Behind the student arch a noble power

Of wisdom looked from light on transient things.

Her aspiration called high destiny down;

A silent worrior placed in her city ofstrength 

In voiolate, guarding truth’s diamond Throne.

Proud, swift and joyful ran the ray of life

Within her like a stream in Paradise.

Companion of the wide and glimmering peace, 

A strange and starry head alone in Night.”


In school when we started writing with fountain pen I was fascinated, These days its fun to write with it, also made my groceries list with it, who does that? The mad self of course 😊

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