It  was Holi in India but..meri toh diwali nikal gayee hai!

We Indians are so spoiled that we are so used to our house staff. We just cannot function without them or may be our family system is such.Futhermore the amount of dirt and dust that enters our  house, we need this extended family of ours.  Actually I have realised that they have become such an important part of our lives that we miss their company as well.

Meena baby as I call my meenaxi who helps us with our household has fallen terribly ill and has gone on a long break.  I have a migrant worker Pavan jo udta udta bichara aa jata hai.

So basically I am overworked so my ala grand meals are cut into one item golmaals. By the end of the day exhaustion has taken over, so poor husband when he suggests, “you know when are we going to ….” my prompt answer is, “yeah tonite maybe when son sleeps, first go organise your clothes and put them in the cupboard” But before my son sleeps I am fast asleep every other night.. and also the clothes are never put in the cupboard..ha ha ha. This made me wonder is Indian sex life directly related to the number of helping hands in the household? Then what about the people who have a fleet of house staff, toh kya woh lage rehte honge? Lolz

when I told the husband, “a new peson is starting after holi”  his smile of relief said it all. I know this situation is present in most of the houses except a person I know who convinced his wife that “she could spend as much as she wants to get the best nanny, ” you see baby, I have all the money and you deserve everything,” the nanny was a hot girl half the age of the wife, eventually he started banging the nanny… ha ha ha.. I find that funny..

So back at home going for groceries was a task, I was too tired to make the effort..

I decided to check my fridge..joh bhi bacha kucha hai lets make from that..golmaal hai bhai saab golmaal hai.. sidhe raste ki yeh tedi chal hai…

I had a block of frozen paneer,   half packet of tomato puree and 1 capsicum…

Great! I can do some Golmaal !

I decided to  serve it with hot roti’s when husband had dinner, another golmaal  as when roti’s are badly done if they are served hot they are eatable ( learnt this trick from the laziest lady I know, expert in Golmaal !)

So as I do all the jugad and Golmaal, I remembed this classic old hindi movie Golmaal (the original one)

A movie of a man who was too proud of his moustache and who judged everyone with their moustache. The one who did not have moustache he considered them hopeless, future less and he never gave a job to such a person. what a simple comical story, simply a genius concept.

Its an ever green movie. Mom showed me the first time, its such a beautiful comedy.

Why people don’t make such comedies any more 😡? All the comedies these days are the cheap ones, with cheap songs and stupid dance sequences. Which are fine for one time watch but you can’t tolerate them soon after. People need to make out and out simple comedies like Golmaal !

Whole movie is hilarious..

From “Mali Buddha ghar pe hai..”

To Lucky circling the key chain in front of Bhavani Shankar

To “helan ka ganna bhi chalu ho gaya,  fir bhi ruka nahi gaya au eek mahshay jijaji keh ke”

To “mere pitaji kaha karte the”

To Mrs Shrivasthav trying to get in the house from the kitchen window to save Ramprasad’s lie..

To “beta mieh tumhe agra ka petha kelaunga..warna police ki mar kese khavunge?”

To Keshto in the police station introducing himself, “glad to meet you, tum bhi business man ho, mien bhi business man hai, tumhara bhatti ka dhanda hai?”

To bhavanishankar getting furious at the inspector after attacking his muchis,”you are not a police officer, you are a foolish officer..F O O L I S H… officer.

“Tumne meri mucho ko haat lagaya, mieh high court javunga, supreme court .. mieh parlament mieh saval khadha karunga, you mooch munda.”

And the final end, totally hilarious ..

This is an epic movie..

A laught riot…this is definitely a movie I will show it to my son when he is at an age to understand it..

So my Golmaal sabji was a panner sabji in punjabi gravy with capsicum..

Recipe courtesy: Narang Mahraj.

I had eaten this at my parents place for dinner and the capsicum tasted very good with paneer, try it for a change.

Just as the Golmaal movie all ends well in the end with Bhavani Shankar himself shaving off his moustache..and forgiving Ram Prasad uff Lucky…

My Golmal dinner was quite a hit.. they say way to a mans hearts when you dont have the energy is the stomach otherwise its little lower than the stomach.. ha ha ha …

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