Everyday I  need to watch something that makes me laught. These days I  have started watching Seinfeld. I use to watch it when I was a teenager but I don’t think I understood it that well as I do today. Earlier I found it funny, today I find in hiralious. It’s  a laughter riot..

Just 15 days back, we had nice cold winter days. Today suddenly the weather has changed, it feels like summer..

During those days,  I needed hot water to shampoo…plus I always need someone to baby sit my son when I want to wash my hair..

Location: Mommy land

Time: few days back but problem year round

Mission: shampoo my hair

1st attempt…

I go to my mom’s house, my sister is home too so I ask her and my mother  to keep a watch on my son, he was happily playing with his toys, they assure me “go do your shampoo, no worries.” 

I go to have a bath,…start the water..

1 minute,..2..5..7 no hot water..

Close the taps, start again..same problem…

I tell my self.. no problem..

Aal Izz well…SERINITY NOW!

Cooly come out.. no problem SERINITY NOW will shampoo tomorrow…


2nd attempt 

Son is home, not gone to school since few days, recovering from viral. I ask my father to take him to his office for half an hour and I will come and pick him up after I shampoo my hair..

Nanu (grandfather) comes and takes him to office, its a win win situation, son is excited, nanu is super happy..I am happiest…

First I relax and have my coffee then

I go to take a shower… no hot water…

What? how is it possible.? 

AAL Izz Well.. wait for some time.. water did come few minutes back when I gave son a why is it not coming? 

Some more minutes pass..SERINITY NOW! I tell my self cooly like Kramer..

Again no shampoo..I come out and ready to pick up son. I tell Menaxi who works for our household”No water”

She tells me, ” didi it’s coming see”


I calmly check.. oh apparently the building pressure pump was not working just for those few minutes when I was waiting for hot water..

Now it was getting late, Nanu would have work lined up I needed to pick up son from his office….

3st Atempt

There is a dinner at my parents. 

Mom tells me “last time geyser leeked now it all repaired.”

Super plan! Too many babysitter in the house, parents, husband, my uncle aunty’s… I went to shampoo my hair..


What the hot water…how? AGAIN?

Ok calm down, SERINITY NOW!”

Ok may be I forgot which tap hot water comes, lets try again…still chilled water…

After a failed attempt…I decide to write a post on aalizzwell…atleast make use of  those extra  15 minutes…Update done!

I Go down doyela moye but not doye vare lolz worst line every written in gujurati poetry…


the next day as soon as husband comes home first thing I tell him, look after our son I need to hair are impossible!

Husband looks at me… actually he was not even looking at me, he was looking at his phone screen “yeah ok go shampoo, but whats wrong with your hair..”

I Thought I was about to loose it like George…

But I Told myself..SERINITY NOW! S E R E N I T Y  NOWW!

I was thinking insanity later… ha ha ha all in good laughs, you need to laugh cause life is just a comedy 😊🤔, lets interpret it as a comedy..

Everyone is cribbing as it seems summer has started. As I say bye bye to winters, atleast will not have to wait for hot water to shampoo….

When winter goes it takes along Radish, Mooli so bye bye mooli ke parathe as well…



Makes 6 pieces 

1½ cups + 1/2 cup Wheat Flour

1 cup Shredded White Radish (Mooli)

1/4 cup finely chopped Radish Leaves

1 small onion finely chopped

1 Green Chilli, finely chopped

1/2 cup finely chopped coriander 

2 teaspoon Garam Masala Powder

1 tsp dry mango powder

1 teaspoon Coriander Powder

2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder

1/4 teaspoon Turmeric Powder

1 tbsp Oil + shallow frying

Salt to taste


Squeeze the grated mooli to remove excess water. (Keep removed water in a small bowl; it will be used in next step to knead the dough)

Knead the dough for the paratha and keep on the side.

In a non stick pan heat the oil. Add the onions, sautte till they are transparent.

Add all the ingredients and cook for 7 minutes or till everything is cooked well. Let this stuffing mixture cool down.

Wrap the stuffing with rolled circle and make a stuffed ball. Press it a little to give a shape of pattie.

Roll carefully into a paratha and fry it on a non stick griddle untill both sides are done.

Serve with curd, raita or acchar ..wah.. accha vichar hai! 

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