Its a late cold Saturday night, its a dark and a shadowy room,  just a small zero bulb is on. 

I am concentrating on my Ipad, headphones are in my ears.

Something moves in the room, I jerk in shock! I freak out ! my hearts beats are faster than an express train. All I hear are my heart beats beating in my ears.

In those shadows I see my husband, he is giving me an absurd look as in why I need to get startled ? .. all he was asking , “you were so tired, why aren’t you sleeping? ”

Well I was watching Alfred Hitchcock’s The “Psycho“movie…, an epic, revolutionary psychological thriller, a cult movie.

This is a scene from the movie Hitchcock which is about how Psycho came to life, this is the movie that made me gather all my guts to watch Psycho (I usually don’t watch horror movies)

Thus first  Hitchcock (movie) and then the classic, Psycho.

I did not recognise it was Antony Hopkins who was playing Hitchcock, a complete transformation. The way he acted with his eyes, his under acting, the way he held back his emotions. He played a shrewd, smart  man but his eyes were pouring with innocence and his child like smile when he got what he wanted. What can I say about the master except bow down to his acting skills.

Hitchcock‘starts with how he need a big hit as everyone in holywood thought he had lost his touch since he was growing old, and Hitchcock belived, “here in Hollywood you are as good as your last movie.”

He is fascinated by the story of Psycho, no one could see what he could visualise. The producers where reluctant, so he put his own money by putting his house on stake. No one could belive that a movie can work where the lead actress dies in the first 30 minutes.

He hired the right actresses.

For the actor he hired a romantic hero. Even the actor was hesitant taking up the role as it brought back his childhood memories as he always wanted his father to die so that he could posses his mother and when his father actually died he had been living with that guilt forever. After the actor confides this to Hitchcock, the camera shows Hitchcock’s expressions, he smerks and looks in the other direction, the audience knows what he is thinking, he had found his Man.

The script writer whome he hires for the movie tell him the reason he was late for the meeting as his therapy prolonged, he adds “same old issues .and ofcourse my mother” he knew he was the right man to write Psycho.

Infact of whole film unit the only normal person was Alma, Hitchcock’s wife. It was Alma’s idea to put the background score in the famous shower scene.. she insisted that that will add more suspense, till today that background score is considered the most scariest score. 

The movie “Hitchcock ” is  also a story between an ageing couple and their   insecurities. 
The way Hitchcock marketed psycho was also a path changer during that time..

This was a theatrical trailer realised by Hitchcock, it very interesting and creates an excitement to see Psycho.

There are so many classic films that I have watched and most of them I think required editing or some scenes to be changed, but Psycho is a masterpiece, nothing can be changed, it is perfect.
From the acting, to background score, to the casting, to the camera work to the plot, perfect! Impeccable!

The climax of the film is ultimate and the last part where the psychiatrist explains the theory and the cause of the problem and the end..just perfect!

That’s the magic of a great cinema work, people die but its stays forever from generations to generations. It inspires thousands of others to make movies.

Though it was a bold film for the 60’s today I think it’s aesthetically very well shot…Specially “The ” shower scene. Not much nudity, no stabbing,? no gruesome bloodshed and yet the impact was felt by the audience…

Thats why Hitchcock called him self “The master of suspense “

After watching psycho and watching the scene of Hitchcock standing outside the theatre during the shower scene, I messed up this dinner…

Tacos shells very hard plus I splattered the salsa on the plate, I guess it was the effect of watching psycho… ta ta ta ta..it messed up my mind in an inspiring way..


  1. I absolutely adored this post. My first watch of Psycho was after 11pm on a Saturday night in the early ’60s; just me and my next sister. Scary, my father knew it would be bad but we’d (read I) insisted on watching it. My parents went to bed but my father got back up and came into the living room to watch it with us. My sister fell asleep and I’ve been scared for life. Actually never been able to watch it again and that was well over 50 years ago. Thanx for this post. ~~dru~~

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