I want to share an incident… my purpose is to to raise a question not to preach thus I shall try to make it as entertaining as I can.  Well it is a long post and since Bapu died yesterday I want to keep him alive. Not many are going to read it but even if one person reads about and ponders on it, I am happy..

Due to demonetisation which I am also happy it happened , all the money I saved from my rakshabandhan covers and the money I saved in pockets of my jackets (opps! now the buglars know exactly where I put my cash but that’s ok I actually have no cash these days, the other day I borrowed 100 rs from my driver ha ha ha) 

I deposited all the money, a lesson I learned was to use money and not let in stale in the cupboards, to rotate it…

My laptop is really old, giving few problems. problem no 1 there is a neon green line that cuts the screen into half no 2 without powder the battery works for 10 minutes max… ha ha yeah! I feel both problems are genuine, the 3 rd is not a problem for me but no one else can use it. Finally I decided to buy a new laptop. I researched online and went to the Dell shop, I had decided to buy a blue color awesome looking laptop. 

I am not going to change any names in the story as this is not a story of smuggler who is living a clean life ha I think the right person needs credit andI don’t   care a crocodile’s aass what the wrong one thinks..

So well I walk into the Dell store with my son. My 3 year old refuses to get down from my lap. I meet a salesman, Sunny. I  show him the bright blue laptop, I tell him,”I would like to buy that one.”

He patiently asks me the purpose. He honestly suggests me I should go for a less expensive one as it has better performance and the one I selected is a toy and that I will have to change it in 2-3 years and the black one will last atleast 8 yrs or more, well I decide the black one. 

Finally my son gets down . As I am checking out the black one literally telling it, “how u doing?” my son pulls my hand and I put the laptop back with fear as shops have rules ” you break it you buy it” so again Sunny points out “see maame the black is a sturdy one, the other one would break if it falls. you having a child around I suggest to buy the black one.” I was happy I was buying a better laptop and a cheaper one. 

I am an anaadi when it comes to internal configuration so I ask him to write the options and will get back to him as I need my office person to decide that. He does the needful. He must be thinking her son is pulling her hair, things are falling from her purse, son is wiping his biscuit wale soiled hand on her jeans, I looked so unprofessional,?ayse ke bhi office person hote hai?  

By evening my office wale bhai talks to him and the laptop is decided. I whatsapp sunny and tell him I will send the cheque the next day. Thumbs up, Thumbs up in return. In the world of social media deal is done, for me the deal is already done by the word of mouth ( well I live in the medieval  times)

The next day I send the cheque, my office person goes and gives it…

I get a call from him confirming me that the cheque is given..

“Did you give it to Sunny?” 

“Sunny has gone out so I gave it tohis colleague   Megha.”

After sometime I get a call from Megha

” mame could you give us the address we will deliver the laptop to your home, plus we have started with a new offer from today you get a head phone free and a royal coupon booklet, and this and that., mame what laptop did you decide could you tell me”

I am now confused, ” don’t waste my time, please talk to Sunny we have decided yesterday, where is sunny?”

The girl,” yeah mame he has not come today, I will check with him”

“Ok” I put the phone down..

Again the phone rings,” mame this is the configuration, I checked with Sunny, and mame take my number and call me, Since I know about the offer, ask for Megha” 

” well ok thank you.” I am slightly annoyed with so many phone calls and I did notice an over excitement in her voice in the last phone call…something seemed fishy to me…

I continue with my day, after sometime I get a message from Sunny, ” mame you were going to send the cheque?, I was waiting at the store the whole day.”

I came to know that my office person walked in to the store next to the Dell store, it is a dealer store not the store which I had gone.

I gather my thoughts, think for few seconds,” what the hell, how can people lie like that? What? I hate people lying and top of it, getting away by fooling me not possible, not in Satyawadi Nati chandra’s kingdom ” 

Now suddenly as if Rani Jasibai’s atma had come into me..I call that girl Megha. From the sound of it she seemed just a oversmart know it all  kid out of college.

She had no idea whome she had just pissed…


 “Yes mame, did you have any more questions about your laptop?”

Long pause ( to create the supense… he he he) 

I have an extremely dominating voice when I want it… so with that voice

” yeah is this the Dell show room?”

The girl: “yeah mame..”

Now my voice gets stronger, ” talk straight, is this the store where I came in yesterday day?”

Girl: pause  for few seconds ” mame this is the same store you send the cheque .” (Apparently even if one buys from the dealers store cheque goes with the same name to Dell)

Now I raise my voice,”megha don’t BULLSHIT me.” ( I always wanted to use this word.. ha ha my uncle use to use it to us when we would spin a tale to him, I always loved the power in this word.)

Girl: mame actually both the stores are same only..

Jansi ki rani without the real swear words (as sheldon cooper says you don’t need swear words to hurt someone… you can do the needful without them ha ha ha) “no they are not, stop BULLSHITING ME! is there a Sunny working there?”  ( boss when you are right, full power marne ka haak banta hai)

She had some audacity, actually she did not want to be called a liar. I think thats a problem with all liars they think the whole world is a fool and they will get away with it but once you pin them down and call them liars they don’t like it. Well if you don’t like it, don’t lie but itni simple baatien kis ke palle padti hai? 

So she tells me, ” i am giving you a better offer but still I can transfer the phone to my manger and he will confirm to you that Sunny has not come today.”

Me: “STOP IT, How dare you take my cheque, How dare you?”

Now the girl is choking, “mame you dont want to buy the laptop..soobs soobs..”

Now I was happy, ” you know I not buying from you, how dare you take away someone’s honest commission?”

The girl is crying.. I order her to send my cheque to where it belongs… she is still crying. I don’t care, she asked for it.

In less that a minute Sunny calls and informs me that he got the cheque. It turns out, to get the info of the details of the laptop the girl called him up and told him that I was some relative of the store’s manager so I did not want to buy the laptop with him so can you please give the detail. Yeah right! foolish person I have disowned dozens of people for the simple reason that I don’t like liars, saale headphone ke liye tere ko samdhi thodi banavugi? don’t they understand eventually everything is going to fall on their heads…

I did not do this to teach that girl a lesson, I don’t think she would ever learn, I am no one to teach her a lesson .

 I did it for myself, I cannot sleep if I come to know that I got a laptop and an honest person did not get his commission on something I am enjoying everyday because of his good advice. 

Most people don’t care, if they get even a slightly better offer they will choose the advantage over honesty. I know it happens everywhere , everyone does it…I cannot stop people but atleast I cannot allow it to happen because of me.

We are from the land of Bapu…the most important thing he taught us “speak the truth, the truth is the only right thing, its the only way forward ” To note: half truth is also a lie cause it is a manipulated statement.

It  saddens me when we have forgotten all this. I don’t want to take a morcha and fight people on every corner of our country. 

Frankly I don’t   own a single piece of khadi, I wear   imported clothes, drive a British make car ( I think Bapu would be super pissed on that)  but all I ask is  it our job not to support falsehood?

Live the truth… not for some cause , Bapu was right… live the truth for your own peace of mind, to set a good example for your future generation. What do you want your children to learn? 

Truth is absolute, it is a principal, its universal. You will be happy and light hearted when your are truthful…Don’t want to live a happy life? I do 😊

These photos are from Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad. it was an ecstatic day. My first out door shoot, first time I held the camera and a perfect place to start my photography

These are all amateur photographs but I love them as my first day of photography was at Bapu’s Ashram

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