The other day I was watching these kids play footfall, it was super entertaining. I enjoyed observing each boy individually and it was quite comical.

Overlooking my gym is a football field, sorry turf thats what my sports enthusiast husband always corrects me..for me it’s potatoes patatas..😊. Here a school comes for their sports practices. Once the children come on the field, the coaches make 4 teams and they play at two separate corners of the field.

Introducing the players..

Mr. Hugger: as the coach puts him in one of the teams, he hugs all his team mates and celebrates as if some club’s final list has come out and he has been selected. Even when they have reached the play area he is still hugging and celebrating his team..

Mr Trying his best:  this boy is slightly on the heavier side but he not a lazy one. He is doing what it takes to play, he is panting, sweating and won’t give up, apparently he is more in the game and his speed is faster than any other boys.

Mr Captain: as always he is focused and he wants to win keeping his eye on the field, no chit chat in between and he keeps on shouting at his other team mates to focus who start chatting among them selves when the ball is on the opposite side of the field.

Mr bollywood fan: he is the field’s time pass, I love watching this boy. whenever there a break or a goal has been scored he starts dancing in the latest bollywood song steps, I have seen him do the dabang step, jag gumiya step, rowdy step and also sunny leone ‘s laila step. He is too cute, all day he is dancing on coners of the field with all his jhatka matkas.

Mr I am only here for time pass: this one is like me, I was just like him in school. His eyes are on the stands, on the roads, drinking water all the time and when the captain shouts at him he asures him “yeah yeah I am concentrating ” again he is doing panchat about what is happening on the tennis courts, unaware that someone has scored a goal he suddenly sees people clapping, he too joints in  and starts cheering. All his team mates annoyingly asks him to stop clapping as the other team has scored the goal.

Mr. Goal keeper, active: he is a tall boy and is constantly stretching. He owns the goal post, he is also doing push up on the top bar of the goal post. He doesn’t want to take the blame. 

Mr. Lazy goal keeper: he has taken up this job as the team had no option. He is standing on one side of the goal post, lost in his thoughts, may be he likes being left alone and in between I also see him folding his legs and sitting down in front of the goal post, yaha pura aaram ka mamla hai, cup toh milne nahi wala hai, lets just enjoy the grass, I mean truf.

Mr. Natak: yeah now this one is going to be a footballer for sure. Any time someone takes the ball from him or touches him he fall down on the ground and continues this act for penalty. Lying on the ground with the face on the grass (good one Manoj kumar) As soon as the coach refuses, he is up in seconds and running…waiting for another opportunity to fall.

Not to forget among these many boys there are 2 girls, they are focused and serious cause all they want to do is learn the game. But I have to say may be both of them don’t have a  sense of humour, maybe at that age I was also like that cause even if something funny happens around them, they don’t laugh. I get it, at that age all you want to do is ignore the boys either  they are too annoying or you like them, both time your reaction is to ignore them😊

Since this was about football, I thought to do an update of something we eat at these games, something boys like to eat.

Chips and hot sauce! 

I once had eaten some what like this hot sauce, actually more awesome one at a fish and chips place next to my uncle’s shop in London. My aunt got this sauce from their neighbouring shop, ate it with  English potato chips in salt &vinegar..I could eat a killo of them and could also burp out all the vinegar in the same quantity.

My aunt tried to get the recipe but sadly we shall never get it. The owner did not know it, one of his boys who only speak turkish made it and recently when the  shop was sold, the boy moved out of london.. so basically the recipe is gone forever. 

I tried to make a close duplicate from memory.



10-12 dried red chilies soaked in water over night

1 onion chopped

7-8 garlic cloves chopped

1 vegetable seasoning cube

1/2 tbsp sugar

3-4 tomatoes chopped

1/2 cup vinegar

Salt to taste


Mix all the ingredients with 3 cups of water. 

Cook on low simmer for about 30 minutes.

Cool and make a thick smooth paste. Store in the refrigerator.

This tastes very nice with chips, waffers, falafel, tacos whatever. If you can handle the heat have with anything. 

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