Being a mother of a toddler who sleeps next to me (yeah! we are Indians, our children sleep with us for a much longer time) I have become a very light sleeper. Though there are few minutes at night I  do go into REM sleep. I constantly keep  checking his blanket, his T shirt, his pillow or make sure he hasn’t fallen off his mattress ( we have  still not dared to put a bed, when he was about 7 months old one early morning to our horror, I feel asleep feeding him, he crawled and fell off the bed on the stone flooring, all was well but no bed for us) sometimes I also get free kicks to keep me alert late at night from the burglars as my son sleeps upside down and his legs are near my face or sometime he makes my tummy his pillow and thus I sleep rest of the night without a blanket..

Basically  now I have learnt to sleep in the smallest of space, with lights on, with whatever temperature, without a bed, blanket..wah wah! taliya..I should be getting a mother india award…na na  not really! it is a story of any normal mother but still collar to uccha karna chiye.. its about growing up.

Recently I had gone for our project work,it was about 3 hrs ride from the city. The person sitting next to the driver should not sleep and I was not planning to but as we left very early morning, all I could see was the road reflector lines shining in white and our car light on the road, this view kept on repeating and my eyes started closing in the same motion. I snaped out, opened my eyes wider than usual but my eye lids where falling,I don’t   think I could have held them open even with fixing match sticks on my both my eyes to hold the lids. So i decide to sleep thinking my driver has more than 35 years of competent driving experience, why was I even up these 20 minutes? I slept..with out any worry..I slept without any sense of time or place..ZzzzZ.. with the rocking car I probably felt I was in La la land…

When I opened my eyes, we were at the country side, I see this…

It was a beautiful sight. With the water evaporating from the fields and the cold weather, it was a mystical sight. For few seconds I did not realise the difference between reality and a dream, reality seemed like a dream. Then i grabbed my camera and took this picture from the moving car (there was no time to stop as we did not want to miss the morning light for the work we had gone for)

“She turned her dream towards some high unknown;

A breath was felt below of One sumpreme.

An opening looked up on the speheres above

The passing figures of immortal things;

A quick celestial flash could sometimes come:

The illuminated soul-ray feel on heart and flesh 

And touched with semblances of ideal ligh

The stuff of which our earthly dreams are made.


In this trip we had lunch at one of our relatives home in the village. And the man of the house cooked dal for us. He did not seem to have any ego in working in the kitchen just like any free minded bloke in the city who has no gender differences. He was hands on in the kitchen and was serving us hot rotis with love.  I am always  gald to meet men like these. I also learnt that narrow mindedness,  egos etc are all human nature there is no surety that people living in the cities are mordern and the ones living in the villages are narrow minded with rigid ideologies…

He also shared with me the ricipe of the dal…

Recipe courtesy : Dayalal Patel

Tempering in Mustard Oil..try it

Method: It is same like any regular dal but it was tempered in mustard oil, that’s why the flovour was different plus his love..

With this dal, I cooked the rice I bought from the only shop in the village.

One day for lunch I tried this dal.. and what a simple lunch I ate.

Dal, rice, salad and ghee, took a nap after this meal..zzz

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