Evening time is free play with my son. This time is a very creative time, every evening he comes up with something new to play. The other day we had gone to sports shop and bought a net to clean the ponds.

But children are children. After playing with the net he wanted to dip a tree branch and wash his tricycle and our car with that branch. He asked me to pull a branch out. I go in the bush and tried to pull a small one. My son points out, “no mumma that big one.” Ok, I still go more inside unware that there is a puddle, splash! Well ok, I again balance myself and pull the big branch. With a jerk I pull it, oops…sorry tree. As the branch came out I almost slipped in the slippery sand again. As I came out of the bush and handed over the branch to my little karigar. I realised I just pulled a thick branch which actually needs a knife to cut, my hand was paining with the jerk, I also cut my little finger.

I hardly got hurt but as I was giving my son a bath I put a band aid on it. When I putting the band aid on,  it reminded me how dad use to put the tightest band aid when I was small. 

For me a band aid reminds me of my father’s tight overprotective love. Well he  is still the same. He always carries a band aid in his wallet and when ever we get hurt we run to him. I ask him to put it on as he put it he puts it so well, so tight that it does not fall off. When I go to him for a band aid he will scold me that I should keep one in my purse now that I am a mother and I might need it anytime for my son, I still never keep one. May be its my internal security that well dad is there, he aways has one in his wallet, even though I  don’t live with him. There are so many things I don’t even look into as I know he is there to do them…😊

Even at 34yrs old, I went to my papa and asked him to put this band aid 😊

The same band aid triggers different emotions for The Ingmar  Bergman. As I finished his last book, I feel a sense of loss and pain of parting with hin. When I was putting on the band aid I was also thinking of Mr. Bergman.

He and his mother had a very complicated relationship. His mother was a suffering and isolated woman and all his childhood he longed for her affection and love. He tried to replace this affection from various women he associated himself over the years but that could never replace his mother. When Bergman’s mother  died in the hospital, he sat next to her for almost an hour after she passed away. Her little finger had a band aid on it. He sat and kept on staring at that band aid   on his dead mother’s finger.He stayed there next to his mother as he wanted to feel her presence for the the last time. He also wrote this scene with the  band aid in one of his movies. As Meryl Streep said recently in her latest speech, Bergman actually took his broken heart and made art with it..

Thus a object like a band aid had different feelings associated to it for different people. For me I want to use my joy as well as my broken heart to make art… make food..make stories..😊

On the way back from one of my outdoor shoots I stopped to get vegetables at Chiloda, one of the farmer’s markets. I also bought these green chillies.

I made this super easy pickle from mustard seeds which I had eaten at my aunt’s place in Mumbai.I made it and send it to papa as he loves the taste of mustard. When I was making this pickle I was feeling like my papa’s grandmother..lolz . People hardly make pickles at home these days, you should, they are quite fun to make..😊




Green chiles cut round ( as in picture)

2 tbsp lemon juice 

1 tbsp mustard oil

1 cup mustard seeds grinded coarsly in mixi

Salt to taste


Mix all the ingredients in a glass jar. Taste for seasoning and store in the refrigerator.

Jar for papa, also used my new fascination for the first time, my label maker, I think I am an OCD in making 😊

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