I think the photograph is a happy one, bubble of hope and faith and the backdrop the building is being constructed, just like life should be always in progression 😊

New year it is.!.new beginnings, new aspirations, new ideas, aspiring for a new consciousness…a new me & you ! 😊

Last year had been a good one, next one will be better..

As I was looking back at my last year AAL WAS REALLY WELL…

Staying true to Aal Izz well, I realised ever since I have started this blog, I have not had an head ache, not even fever even no stomach ache. Isn’t that a superb progress? Because all physical aliments start from the head. So before I pass on the message of ‘Aal Izz Well’ I should learn to live it, right? And this year was progress, better physically thus I am improving on my mental peace.

The day we decided  I have reached it, I am all, then the progress will stop and one will be stuck forever. So lets make this year of progress – small progress of waking up early, going to the gym or eating right to difficult progress of keeping calm in our mind, discipline, sincerity in what ever we do, working hard, working to the maximum of your ability and having faith that Aal Izz Well.. 😊

“All that is made and once again unmade, 

The calm persistent vision of the One Inevitably re-makes,

 it lives anew: Forces and lives and beings and ideas 

Are taken into the stillness for a while; There they remould their purpose and their drift, 

Recast their nature and re-form their shape.

A pause that gave new strength to do and be. 

Beyond were regions of delight and peace, 

It’s a beautiful verse to keep in mind to progress for this New Year 2017 😊

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