Now time for some time pass fun.. buhut serious stuff hogaya, its important to laugh as well…

There was this hit 90’s song of Govinda, yes! the fatso actor with boobs, well he was my favourite actor then cause he made me laugh. I would see every movie of his..yes! This person writing about Ingmar Bergman has witnessed all, yes I have seen Aunty no 1 as well and enjoyed it. Today I can see only some of his classics rest I cannot watch but still those movies have a place in my heart.

Ok back to the song, it goes like this…check out the lyrics…they are so trashy, nothing deep, nonsense, nothing, yet very catchy…the lyricist must have written this song in minutes…

“What is your mobile number?

What is your smile number?

Karni hai private number 

what is your private number?”..ha ha ha !
(I am literally singing this song as I am typing these lyrics..)

We use to dance on this song at our college parties, which where dark with one stobe light, 1 rotating globe and of course, the UV light which made everything look rin walla white including our teeth. Thank God! The parties where dark, we did not know to dance nor to dress.

Those were the nineties, bad costumes, violent loud movies, bad make up but good music! Aesthetics were at their worst  during that era, yet the best era…cause they were my teenage years.

Few days back we went for a location plus model hunt for this Everest project I have taken up..

Met this Bavo (caretaker of a temple) asked him if he could let me take pictures of his acting like someone. He agreed. So we asked, “how do we contact you the day of the shoot?”

He says,” mera mobile..”

So we ask him,” what is your mobile number?” No I did not want his smile number lolz.

He looks towards the wall of the madir where he lives, there it is…

This is where he writes his number

I think of this song..”what is your mobile number..” when I see this photograph…

Probably he has written there as too many people ask’s him…

To me he seems like a part time bavo, part time charsi, part time nomad, part time crazy person…

He lives  in such an isolated place…

He lives here “in the jungle… the mighty jungle the bava sleeps tonight…

A–weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh…

A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh.. ha ha…

I wondered how he would be passing his time..

Yeah thats right, maybe he is running a part time calling service… to kill his time…so he had written his number there..

Like that calling service

“Kya app akele ho..

Kya tume dost ki zarurat hai..

Phone lagavo hume..ees number pe, dost banavo”

Thats him, he has a good camera presence as for him the camera was invisible..i like that…

His reason for putting the number on the wall was that it had 10 boxes and he could not remember it so…

By the way anyone who wants a model for some work feel free to call him… he has agreed to pose semi nude for us.. ha ha or has he? Was he listening to what we were saying and all he wanted to speak was his ram kahani how no one is bothered for the temple he was staying in…

Oh any religious people who think they want to do some punya can call him and do a donation, I think the money is going to go for his ganja as most of the times any religious donations go … ha ha ha …😉just kidding …


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