Caution: Do not read this post if you have not seen the hindi movie “Guide”. This post is not for children..lolz

I have some deeper conection  to the movie Guide, it is connected to my childhood. 

First memories are its songs. Mom, dad, my little sister and me on road trips and Guide movie songs playing on the cassette in the car. Guide songs where always played once all our latest songs where done playing  and we were almost sleepy. So they were like lullabies for me. Me and my sister sharing a blanket and sleeping on each other,  Guide songs playing, mom and dad singing along, dad singing with his hand gestures and playing the tabla on the cars dashboard…๐Ÿ˜Š  beautiful songs, what lyrics,  what eternal melody…timeless…

Why I love this movie so much? I love it because of the memories. At every age I had new interpretations. Guide had its phases in my life, at every age it had different feeling associated with it, confession I did not aways love this movie. When I was a teenager I could not stand it, back then was a MTV phase in my life anything old and slow was boring, I was only intrested in noise.

Just the other day I was cooking black dal and listening to this song “Din dhal jayee hai, shaam na jayee, tu toh na ayee, teri yaad ayee” hai hai…marjava…what a beautiful song, I put it on repeat mode and was cooking this black dal. Black dal was one of the  first things I learnt to cook  and one of the first photographs  I took of what I cooked. Over the years I have improvised, changed its recipe many times. 

Have managed to cook it quite good, practicing over the years

Just as Guide has guided me understand different aspects of human relationships, this black dal has taught me different  styles of cooking.

TOODLER TILL 3 YRS OLD (mom and dad’s only child, spoilt rotten phase)  Only medium of watching Guide movie was door darshan.. mom use to see it whenever it came so I would sit next to her..

Would sit and adore Rosy’s clothes in the song “Piya tose lage naaina” infact I wanted a baidge chania choli like her. Mom got me a somewhat similar brown baidge, I would wear it almost everyday. People who know me today can’t belive this!

5 YRS OLD  (growing independent with the birth of my baby sister)

I did not understand much of this movie but at that age I thought Rosy was Marcos daughter as I could see an obvious age difference.   I thought she had a strict father who  forbidden her to fall in love with Raju..

AROUND 8 YRS OLD : (first crush age, no suspense,  it was Prem from maine pyaar kiya…ha ha, first love wala feeling)

I thought Rosy was a widow. In the song “tere mere sapne ab eek rang hai” she is wearing a white saree and crying so I thought Raju is consoling her  and giving her a shoulder  to cry on.. and thats how the story moves ahead …

AROUND 11 YRS OLD (know it all phase)

By now I had figured it out that Rosy had an extra marital affair with Raju. She had become a famous dancer thanks to Raju. After becoming famous she doesn’t love raju anymore as she has become  arrogant and she is questioning him about her money which is all earned because of Raju.

AROUND 14-15 years OLD ( the morally judgemental phase)

This is an age when parents drill a lot of rights and wrongs in your head. Fearing that the raging hormones will take over so they need to make the children guilty of the wild imaginations. Thus suppressing some wild thoughts inwards you tend to be very judgemental and righteous outwards ( this is a problem with many righteous adults as well)

Thus the movie was all wrong. At that age  marriage is a promise, sealed and signed upon and thus the affair of Raju and Rosy was wrong to me then. When they broke up, I thought it had to end on a bad note, it started wrongly so the end would be a disaster. No empathy for either.

Another think I could not understand at that age was why did raju die? I thought the story was flawed,  due a mis- understanding of the fast, he is so stupid to continue and die for some villagers. It just did not make any sense. 

Plus at that age the movie was long, boring, old and nonsense, my defense it was the MTV phase…” its my life ” phase ( all I did was rebel and listen to this song, how contradictory to judge this story then?) 

Still loved the song “aaj fir jeene ki tamana hai”…probably this related to the rebel in me so.. 

21 YEARS OF AGE (poisoned with love phase) this age did not do anything, nothing interested me but love…

Totally could relate to the song “gata rahe mera dil..” I could die listening to this song..still love it..๐Ÿ˜Š

25 YEARS OLD ( Honeymoon phase,totally over, under, on the moon )

By now I did understand the love of Raju  and Rosy. But found it absurd when they broke off, I thought it was just a misunderstanding and she did not need to go to the cops. Also I did reslise power and money had got into Raju’s  head.

Also started to understand that some marriages are not for ever and a person has interpersonal spaces with different individuals. Did understand why they feel in love.

Still could not understand why did he die? he died for no reason.

NEARLY   35 YRS OLD ( motherhood, creative, putting on weight just by smelling food, thinking too much greying of hair phase, but the most stimulating age till now) 

Now I think I finally did get the movie at all the levels… or did I ? 

The pain of the song, “Din dhal jayee, raat na jayee, tu to na aaya teri yaad ayee” it so sincere, it hurts..

What a beautiful scene, song, so much truth can be depicted in this shot.. love it so much…, they look so honest

When I was listening to this song being the person I am, I don’t feel much emotional pain. Instead I burnt myself with the dal which I was cooking and while taking the picture of the dal, I pulled an abb muscle due to the workout at the gym. 

Maybe forces of the nature wanted me to feel the pain. Lying on the floor with the pulled muscle and burning finger I was feeling the pain as this song was playing in the back ground.

Lying on the floor with a pulled muscle pulled was feeling every word of the song “Din dhal jayee..”, eventually did manage to take the picture ๐Ÿ˜Š

About the story: 

Marco’s demands were not unresonable. He had got Rosy from a brothel, and since he accepted her he did not want  nachna ganna atmosphere in his house.Their marriage   had lost the love and they always had problems plus they could not concieve a child.

Rosy was suffocating, for her marraige meant children and that was not happening . She was losing her identity. Her outlet, her creativity was dance. She also did not feel loved by her husband. All she wanted was to be loved and someone who would take care of her and need her. Money was never important to her.

Raju had no aim of his own, he was just having a good time. That is when he met Rosy. His affection for her started with sympathy and later turned into love. He wanted to see her happy and accomplish her dancing goals. When he sings to her, “tere mere sapne aab eek hai” the truth was he had no goals of his own and that is why later they break up. He had no aim in his life thus he started gambling, drinking and  spending huge sums of money. Power and fame had got into his head. Plus his ego had started developing, thinking whatever Rosy is, its because of him.

Rosy on the other hand could see the greediness and change in Raju’s nature once she became famous. He wanted her to do more shows not for her but for the money. She just wanted love, she says in one dialogue, “pyaar matlab se hota hai taab pyaar ka koi matlaab nahi hota” she figures out that Raju is very selfish and its easier for him to live off her money than to do anything as he is also an aimless person..

They don’t break up on just one misundersranding, the relationship had been deteriorating since long. 

Raju had made a mess and ruined a lot of his relationships. Thus he wanted validation, he got his validation from the villagers who thought he was some saint.

And died for a purpose,  he died cause he knew all the fasting might not make sense but for once he actually wanted to do something for others and not think for himself.  When he dies, he dies as a peaceful and content person, as if he had won over death by getting over his fear of death. Before he dies all the people whome he had hurt in the past where next to him..thus he dies a better person after mending all his relationships.

And thats why it is one of the most beautiful stories written…

Today I see many flaws in this movie technically. It is too long, editing is bad thus the  rhythm of the movie breaks at many places, bad sound, camera work is also bad at many place, background score is almost non existent, plus the character  artist’s  acting is horrible from raju’s mother to his friend to marco to police inspector to every over the top melodramatic villager…BUT BUT BUT 

It will still remain a timeless classic for the chemistry and the purity of both the characters played by beautiful Waheeda Rehman (she is so beautiful, so pure no one can match her today) and Dev Anand. Today  I have never managed to see such strong and honest chemistry between any on screen couples..(oh I sound like an 80 year old granny, but that is true nothing has moved me so much in terms of on screen chemistry) 

Eternal songs, beautiful story…

If you ask me, I would want to change some things and leave the rest as it is…

Thats what Mr Bergman says about remaking the classics, you don’t mess with them too much ..

Lets see what I feel about Guide after a decade.. will surely write about it after 10 years…๐Ÿ˜Š


  1. Enjoyed ur writing indeed…. Have to taste ur dal…..
    In my next visit to Amd will have lunch at ur place with ur mummy and masi…..
    ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ’

  2. Interesting take on my favourite movie too !! The songs did it for me at a young age too and has taken a lifetime to appreciate the story!! HOPE to read your verdict in 2026.

    1. Thanks a lot..but who is this? Some uncle of mine? Or some aunty of mine? Cause I dont think anyone younger than me or my age has the same feel about this movie ๐Ÿ˜Š

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