“The world’s life falters on not seeing its goal,

—A zigzag towards unknown dangerous ground 

Ever repeating its habitual walk,

 Ever retreating after marches long 

And hardiest victories without sure result, 

Drawn endlessly an inconclusive game.

A radiant purpose still conceals its face, 

A mighty blindness stumbles hoping on 

Feeding its strength on gifts of luminous Chance.

His failure is not failure whom God leads; 

Through all the slow mysterious march goes on: 

An immutable Power has made this mutable world; 

A self-fulfilling transcendence treads man’s road; 

The driver of the soul upon its path, 

It knows its steps, its way is inevitable 

And how shall the end be vain when God is guide? 

Forbidding to him rest and earthly ease, 

Till he has found himself he cannot pause. 

A Light there is that leads, 

a Power that aids; 

Unmarked, unfelt it sees in him and acts:”


Faith is everything, positive thinking is another name of faith. Cause you cannot be positive if you don’t have faith.

 A logical question asked my over intelligent people who only use their brains is, “how is it going to be fine?what is the guarantee? ” 

You can never answer this question with your head, your heart will give the answer if you have faith, unconditional faith, all will be well, Aal izz well 😊

Have faith and do your work. Keep on doing it, light will guide you. Light is always there if you belive in it..

But for things to happen you have to work hard, harder than you inagine. You cannot pause till you have found your self, till your have reached the goal for which you are born for.

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