When do you miss your spouse the most? Well I met my husband when we were children..(.20 year olds is as good as children)..we met when we were studying for our M.B.A. 

Everytime we parted or stayed in different cities, I thought I missed him immensely. 

But  if it was a measuring meter to check the intensity of missing him I think I miss him the most after having our son.. please don’t  get me wrong this is not some lovi duvi update but an ordeal of every mother.. ha ha 

An unsual day when husband is traveling, I am drained out of energy, answers and explanations…

Morning son gets up first question, “where is papa?”

After explaining and describing  him about his father’s plane journey  again, “but oyee mumma, where is papa? I want to sit in your lap, don’t go to make milk, papa will get milk…”

I convince him to get ready, luckily grand ma rescues and takes  him to buy plants, good! 1 hour gone…just few more left to kill the day..

Then he refuses to eat, refuses to pee…he just wants to play in the garden…half an hour gone…negotiations with him…no response…1 hour gone…finally he comes in the house after cleaning all his cars, half wet…

Finally put him on his high chair to eat, makes an unbelivable mess thats fine as long has he has a good meal.

Then its nap time, refuses to take his cough and cold medicines which somehow with his father he drinks in seconds…so I add the medicine in his milk..I feel I am spiking someone’s drink like people do at the night clubs. He doesn’t find out, finishes it as I had added double scoops of bournvita.

Mission Impossible successful,  medicine gone in his system now hopefully his cough and cold will reduce and he will nap. I think ek tir se do nishan… but yaha toh do tir se bhi eek nishan nahi huva.. no signs of nap..

My mom was also exausted, she wanted to nap but this little monster runs in his grandparents room dives on the bed, lying flat on his belly, “oh i will only sleep with grandma” I knew he just wanted to play so new mission to get him out of grandma’s room so she can rest.

So I bring our dog in our room and tempt my son,”oh look Tyson is waiting for you in the other room, he is your best friend he wants to nap with you.”

Son lying on grandmas bed, swinging his legs from side to side watching play doh videos, ” oh no nanu (granddad) is my best friend.”  Finally after a while he gets convinced or maybe he got bored, he  decides to go in the other room…

In the other room questions, questions and more questions, I  tell myself,” stop responding to him, just play dead”

So I tell him, “well mumma and Tav (tyson)  are going to sleep, you also sleep.”

Son:” you both sleep I will sleep in some time, thodi var pachi” 

“Are you sure tav is asleep?”he inquires and keeps on checking our dog and poking him,  our lazy dog  is too sleepy to react he leaves the dog alone, its my turn, oh no!

He pulls the bobby pins out of my hair and opens them, I pretent to be asleep..then he tries to move my lips with both his hands, “mumma please talk like purple dori fish” whome I was imitating earlier…

Then he gets on the table and is singing “london bridge is falling down.” I have to get up, ” please be careful you don’t fall down like the bridge.”

He is still standing on my study table, assures me “careful, kabir no falling down.” 

I am up, alert and keeping a watch, our dog not bothered is napping…after 2 hrs or so…I give up take him down to play, thinking well he should sleep early at night…

Grandma is shocked,” he did not nap!” He looks at her, causually pointing the obvious ” Ofcourse I did not sleep.”

In the evening grandama tried to occupy him with planting the plants so I think lets check my tripod. He runs towards me, he is only interested in the tripod, “kabir kare (its a family thing we address ourselves in 3rd person, I use to talk likewise, my grandfather wrote his whole autobigraphy in 3rd person, so I like it when he says so) I will do it” he tries to understand the mechanism of the tripod well he is learning but I cannot possibly get any workdone …

Highjacked my tripod but he did learn something new, he did learn what a tripod is and how it works 😊
Light is gone but grand pa is back from office, we send the overactive monster for a car ride to go and see the firetruck… I. get some time to drink my coffee…cafaine needed for energy.

Soon son is back, trying to make him pee has become a task without his father, he just runs away or refuses. When I trying to make him pee, “avi reti nahi, do it like papa, flying pee.” What the hell is that I have no idea, I am cursing the husband for teaching him new tricks…lolz

Dinner is always quick and done when he sits with his father, today we do manage to have some of it.

I decide to take him in the room to sleep, before that a ride to the near firestation as promoised..soon he would be asleep and me time!

In the room as he sits on the bed,he demands he will not sleep without our dog, fine I go down wake up our dog who frowns at me, take him up, son is happy to see him but dog refuses to sit and gives me the annoying looks trying to ask me “where is  my mat?” I frown back go down again to get his mat, thinking with our dog I feel I have two children and no husband.

Son was playing 100 questions, what is this? what is that? who all have slept? Ma slept?.. huh nanu slept? yes… Narsingbhaiya slept? Chotu bhiya? Jaya ben? Purvi mame? Eya slept?…on and on…but alteast he is lying on his pillow, well progress…

Our dog must have had some bad food or chewed on a rat, I hear his stomach churning… then he farts loudly. Suddenly son gets up like a spring bursting with laughter..”tauv ae toh pooh kariyu..” ha ha ha even I could not control my laughter, dog is giving my son the looks,”whatever dude, I have sniffed enough of your stinking daipers, you can laugh this one time..”

Now up and alert suddenly son starts jumping on the bed,”oh we forgot to do jumpy like papa makes me do.” jumpy jumpy…fart of the dog..crazy laugh…jumpy jumpy..this goes on,then he starts diving on the bed, keeping on laughing at our gas chamber dog..

I try to calm him down, he lying on my lap and listening to a story…I think phew! few more minutes and we are done, he ask for more milk. As he is drinking milk he starts coughing and he vomits all his milk crying as all his clothes,  bed everything is soiled plus now he is extremely tired.
I take him down stairs and give him a quick bath, crying has stopped,thank God! mom managed to get the bed cleaned.

 I decide to put him to sleep on the swing… tired and exhausted he finally sleeps…but…

As I put him in bed and lie down myself. Dog is snoring like a train, I just cant sleep, on normal days husband snores like a scooter and today a train…dog has to go out…

I ask him to leave, he ignores, I pull him with his belt, he resists, I take his mat, he fights back, pulling his mat I manage to  get our dog outside the house, now go fart and snore else where, he is giving me the pity looks, I don’t fall for that.

Finally I lie down in bed… middle of night again son throw up a bit but all is managed as this time his clothes are not soiled…

As I am tried incapable of doing anything else as husband was not around, did not write a single word, did not manage to do a single update, did not cook anything, could not click a particular photograph planned for a unfinshed project, did not even type the worksheet of the project in hand but I did manage to potty train our son,yay! 

Thinking, missing the husband as when will he come and take over a part of the day, even if its  to take son for grocceries or take him out to play.

Updates of friends with husband come on our whatapp group at 2.00 a.m. Videos of  all having fun and partying, saying how much I am missed…

A feeling of envy runs down my stomach thinking, “oh no I really miss him, miss him to be home and do the part of his job”lolz ….

Full of complication and tedious some days are..thus sharing a simple recipe as we do not want complications in cooking 

Made this easy mexican rice :

I had bought this unpolished rice from a local store. It compliments this dish



1 white onions sliced 

1 cup chopped green onions 

3 cloves of garlic crushed

1 capsicum sliced

1 cup boiled mixed vegitables sliced (french beans, peas, carrots)

1tsp chilli powder 

1/2 tbsp taco seasoning

2 tbsp oil

1 and half uncooked rice 

1 cube vegitable seasoning 

A nice colorful dish 🙂

Heat the oil in a broad vessel, add the onions and cook till they are brown.

Add the capsicums and cook for 2-3 mins.

Add the tomatoes,green onions,  mixed vegitables, taco seasoning, chili powder and cook for 2 mins.

Add the cooked rice, mix well, add the salt according to taste. Cook for 2 minutes.

Serve it hot.


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