These Buddhist monks had visited my city sometime back, when I saw the movie lost in translation, this image reminded me of the movie

Few days back saw the movie “Lost in Translation“, which I had recorded earlier. At the same time on another channel my favourite movie “3 idiots ” had just started instead  I watched “Lost in Translation”.Whats wrong with me? never has it happened that “3 idiots” is on and I watch something else. Have I finally moved on, is it a problem of over doze or 3 Idiots has now enetered my DNA I have absorbed it all? Quite wired that its been a long time since I haven’t watched 3 Idiots, well may be I have too many other movies to watch, to get inspired and learn or may be I want to watch 3 idiots after a break so that there is some amount of  novelty left in it….I don’t know the answer to this question. 

I had first seen “Lost in Translation” in Glasgow, Scotland when me and  a bunch of friends had gone from university on a backpacking tour.

 After a long walk in the cold January of Scotland, where we were following our friend who only followed a map and refused to ask for directions. After circling the city over and over, we finally  reached a theater. Decided to see a movie,  boys asked us to choose quickly, google was not alive then so before we knew it boys decided, “lets watch “Lost in Translation“, Scarlett Johnson is staring and  she is so hot” we girls ask who is our eye candy in the movie? Boys answer, “oh he is some handsome actor, you will like him” We went forit imagining  it to be a movie that would appeal to the hormone ragging aptitude of 20-21 years olds.  The theatre was empty, just 6 of us. I  comment, “looks like movie is not good” 

Suddently music starts and its some latest dance number on which we use to break our leg in the local club. In full holiday mood, we start dancing in the theatre, just going crazy. It was early evening so non of us was intoxicated, we were just high on the music. Some local students enter the theatre, they too started dancing… 

The music stops, the switch off mobile warning comes on the screen. Our little dance party comes to an end, we take our seats movie starts….

Suddently we realise movie is moving on a very slow pace, no action, nothing is happening, we start talking among ourselves. We start cursing the boys as the male lead is an aging actor. We want to walk out of the movie, boys tell us to wait a bit probably a sex scene will come and they will get their money’s worth..

we did not understand the movie at all, they hug and part ways and the movie ends. We were like what?Seriously? What was that? Nonsense…how does any of it make sense when we are in university and a meaning of an affair is always sex. Disapponted we leave, boys talk among themselves, “damm! money waste, we need to go to strip-club tonight” both of us girls overhear, demand “no way are you guys going alone, we are coming too.” We did go to a stripclub,  got bored in 5 minutes, all the curiosity was over and we  were just chatting among our selves, wondering how flexible the  girls are, how can anyone bend like that…

After sometime I came to know “Lost  in Translation” got many reputed awards, I could not understand..

I realised if you do not like something you probably haven’t understood it, that was the problem with this movie back them.

This time I watched the movie nearing 35 years of age.  

After watching the movie, I realised it is a masterpiece! A classic movie!

It convinces you with the visuals, you as an audience also feel lost in the Japan. The visuals that have captured on camera, the peculiar noise of the video game parlours or the clubs, different visuals, grey colors tones, the long pause silences, the crowd, the food, the language problem, the cloudy rainy weather. I thought if I was in Japan right now I would want to run back home.

Both the characters were battling with their inner emptiness, questioning life thus feeling isolated. 

She was questioning her marraige as she herself was confused with what to do. They found solace in each other as he was going through a mid-life crises,he found his wife bossy but he also knew that she had become such due to his lack of involment.

She was going through her loneliness, who is married to someone who exactly knows what he wants in his life. 

Today I realise sex is overrated and there can be many types of affairs more deeper ones than a physical affair. There can be an  emotional   affair, an intellectual affair and also a spiritually affair. 

Here they had an emotional affair and I am glad it did not end up in sex as it left the purity of their connection.  The end is the best, they say good bye but there where people around so he comes back  and gives her a tight emotional hug, that was the closure of their association, that was the perfect good bye..

As for the audience,  the movie does not leave many lingering questions. Somehow you know the answers.

A beautiful movie, even the background score and editing is such that you get  lost in the translation.

So after many years, a little bit older,may be a bit wiser,  a few greys on my head, I am happy I have grown up to understand this movie 😊

Then I ask my self When did I last feel lost in translation, once I ended up in some kitty party hosted by my mother in law, absolutely lost in translation, no idea  what was happening or what they were talking, time just got still…I wanted to break the glass window and run…well I did actually run😊

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