Everyone has a part of pride in themselves, in the things we do. Pride is not good for progress, pride is ignorance.

My first identity  since past 3 and half years is of a mother and I myself had a motherhood pride that I am doing a good job, this was validated by many people around..until few days back…

One normal day in my life, as I picked up my son from school and went to pick up idli batter and pav from this shop we always do. Plan was to go home and make some idlis as all son was doing these days is make idlis in his fantasy play. 

As we finished our errand, I was driving him back in my a/c car thinking I am doing my Italian job well,listening to music. 

On the way another pre school had just finished and children dressed in yellow school T shirts were coming out, mothers were picking up their  children as well.

It was a hot day, around 12 noon sun has reached its peek in our citry.Few meter away I saw an electric wheel chair. This beautiful woman was on a wheelchair, manuvering it in the muddy side of the road. In her lap was her pre school daughter in her yellow t shirt, her daughter was holding a purple floral umbrella in her hand to protect them from the harsh sun. The wheelchair was moving in its slow speed and the mother daughter where chatting, smiling. Mother must be asking her the typical questions, “what did you do in school? Did you finish your snack?”

I was thinking this woman is on a wheelchair, the way her feet were place on the wheelchair,  it seemed she needed help even for that. I was wondering how hard must be for that woman to just get out of bed and get a cup of water. For her on a normal day just to go and pick up her child to school was such a task and here she was to pick her up as she knew these are the things that will stay with her daughter when she will grow up and be alone in the world.

I was so glad to see her, I wanted to get down from my car, talk to her know more about her, but did not want to intrude or make her feel uncomfortable cause the last thing any person on wheelchair wants is to to be treated differently or with sympathy. 

All my pride was shattered to pieces, throwing the  fragments  away in a hole where they should not comeback…

how can we give our selves credit for anything when we have got everything easy, fact is we are nothing as no matter what our hands and legs are working and here is a woman who doesn’t even have thatbasic privilege    in her life, she has every right to have pride in herself, in her motherhood,in her life. We cannot have pride about anything because in reality, its nothing great we are doing, we are just living a normal life and in that also we do is  try the best we can with out cribbing, all we can feel is shame and guilt if we do not do our regular job with sincerity thats it…we cannot feel pride if we do..

As we had got this pav in the evening I made usal pav..

I lean’t  it from my aunt who lives in mumbai, one of the best usal pav I had 😊



Serves 3

Boiled mixed sprouts 2 cups (save the water in which they were boiled)

1 tomato finely chopped

1 onion finely chopped

1 tbsp of red chili garlic paste

1 tbsp of oil

Pinch of turmeric 

2-3 tsp of usal pav masala

2 tsp of mustard seed

1 tsp hing

7-8 curry leaves

Juice of half lemon

Salt to taste   

Coriander  to garnish


Heat the oil in a pot, add the mustard seeds and hing. Once the seeds splutter add the curry leaves. 

Add onions and cook them for 2 minutes or till they turn transparent. Add the tomatoes, cook them for 3-4 minutes or till all thier water evaporates.

Add the chili garlic paste, usal masala, tumeric and cook for a minute or till all the spices are cooked. 

Add the water from the boiled sprouts, if needed add more water. The consistency should be watery like in the photograph.

Let it simmer on low heat for 7-8 minutes.

Add the salt,coriander and lemon juice. Taste for flavours.

Serve hot with pav, onions and sev.

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