This girl looks like a spirit visiting a dream. I have also tried to use a sepia filter to give an old world charm

What are dreams? Are they illusions or answers to reality? 

Earlier I never expressed or gave any importance to my dreams. I realised I never have nightmares, for that I am overwhelmingly thankful to my parents to give me a happy childhood.

Most of my dreams are events or experiences. I have learnt to remember them and ponder on them the next day.

So many times I get my answers, who gives me those answers? My inner consciousness, spirits of people or grace?

They say sometimes when people visit you in your dreams, when you meet them, you just know them so well that you don’t need to say anything when to meet them and the other person just gets what you are trying to say….

How do I have an inner connection with some people, I think of something, without talking with someone who lives miles away will come to me with the answers. Is it coincidence, divine action, or mind connections? 

For this reason I do not want to see dreams from a psychoanalytic prespective but want to belive it to be a spiritual experience.

When I read this:

Among the most precious things in life are those you do not see with the physical eye.” 

I realised I want to belive in the dreams I see, It is true as there is no other explanation why inspite of sleeping for hardly 4 hours the previous night, I was feeing fresher than ever, light, peaceful and happy, feeling wow! Feeling that aal izz well..

Sometimes you cannot have theories to explain the inner truth, you must know it and it is there.

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