On an early morning walk on the streets of paris, it was as if this cat was waiting for me to get it self clicked. The mirror shows the cat, reflects me and things that I did not notice that time. The by walkers, the road and the building behind. I only could see this later through the mirror of my camera reflected in the photograph

A camera takes the picture as things are. It shows what it sees..the truth

“If you want to known the truth, you must be absolutely like a mirror: silent, peaceful, immobile, impartial, with out prefrences and in a state of total receptivity…then you will be able to see many things which are there, many things you are not aware of”

Eventually a battle in everyone’s life to live the truth…just like a camera sees it, a photograph shows things we cannot see when we are standing there as a camera is a mirror, it just refelects, I want to be more like that…

In the book “My life in film” by Mr Bergman, he asks a question in two of his films Hour of the wolf and From the life of Marionettes, “when the mirror is broken, but what do the fragments reflect?”

I think in the end when the mirror shatters it reflects layers of truth, I would like to say that but because if Mr Bergman says “I still dont have a good answer.”, I can never have the right one.

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