This week was our happy new year… guju people’s ka new year..

New year was rather funny, just came back from a trip, rest all gone for holidays so lots of work to do at home. Day we landed all I managed to do was groceries and laundry. 

Late night I started getting allergy rashes, I kept on scraching my arms and legs and decided to forget about it, I felt like kadar khan of hum movie, the one who had the khujli problem. All night an old add was running in my head… me and my sister always tease each other when we have an allergy attach, it is an old nineties add “oye oye wah…khujli karne wale…oho..o..betex lagale..betex lagake tu apni khaj khaj khujli mitade..oye oh..”ha ha ha 

Early morning around 4 ish I finally decided to take the medicine, taking the advice from the old add…no other option citrizien leni pade gi..Anti allergy medicine solves the problem at hand but it creates a bigger problem later, i feel sedated all  day. Waat lagne wali hai new year ki I thought and passed out.. thought kal ki kal sochen ge…hopefull aal izz well tom.

Sochete sochete…morning… was woken up at 10.00 a.m. with a door bell and an headache from the medicine. Well rashes gone but new musibath..feeling drowsy..and giddy..

Sorted the house, did more laundry,  made lunch..as I was making pasta sauce son asks “what you making?” He orders “kabir ne toh rice kavoche..” well fine lets make rice as well…

Then after lunch, told husband to take over and entertain our son,  so I could go back to my Limbo sleep ( from inception) as medicine was still making me drowzy.

Before hitting the bed I ask daddy on duty, if he needed anything as I point out once I hit the bed I shall not be able to get up.. he assures all is taken care off..

I fall flat on the bed..lost in some dark world as I don’t even remember any of the dreams just blank out, nothingness..

Meanwhile son refuses to sleep, total chaos around me, as I was sleeping, he is jumping on me, playing with my hair, what ever my husband tells, him answer is “no mumma will do it..”

Then he keeps on shaking me.. blank …then he is pulling my clothes trying wake me… black out…

Concern husband tries to start his favourite cartoon on I pad, he puts the wrong one, so half asleep like a drunk peson I open my eyes but cannot keep them open so vison comes and goes I explain the right cartoon to put on… blank

Then suddently son has lost interest in the cartoon, he opens the draps in the room, sunlight comes directly on my eyes..some negotiations are happening with father son, he refuses to shut the drapes .. papa trying to discipline him ..I hear howling.. i feel something like an earthquake, turns out son is howling andshaking me and husband is asserting that the drapes are to be shut.

I get up, still no vision, I tell husband, “shall discipline him tom, let the daam drapes  be open, I don’t feel alright I just want to sleep…”

Ok so now the ipad cartoon is on full volume, drapes open, total choas, again son is trying to wake me up…voices comes and goes, images are all abstract, can hear something like, “only mumma…only mumma will do” 

Finally Mr. Baby sitter decides to take him out in the living room to play.. hash! Peace in room to sleep..

I can hear toys taken out from boxes, I can hear balls thrown and all sort of noises,  I am thinking its late noon why is he not putting him to sleep, then I though “kher chodo, not my problem, I cannot even turn as medicine has taken over.”

After sometime husband finally puts our sleeping son next to me, suddenly he gets up crying,” mumma put me to sleep”

I sigh my husband to get his milk, till then I am patting him to sleep in no rhythm, one two pats went to the pillow next to him, milk has arrived, he gets up drinks his milk, sleeps, now we both passed out..

We Sleep till 6p.m., on new year suppose to go meet family and her we are still sleeping, I jump looking at the time

I am fresh a flower as med wasout of the system, I felt like I was back,  son was also in full festive mood ..

Family time, crackers , food, chit chat and laughter..what more do you want in life..

that was my new year day..a day when I could not finish anything nor could cook much nor could finish the book I decided to finish before new years.. thinking hopefully the whole year will not go like this..

It was a comedy day, well thats what life is its upto us how we see it. One can see it as a tragedy or a comedy. I always see it as a comedy, probably that why in general I don’t crib… sense of humour toh banta hai… I know tom I am going to laugh even harder on this funny day 🙂🙃

These days my son has started requesting me what he wants to eat,wah! It works well for me cause I love to cook. He has entered his Oedipus phase, in this I listen to Sigmud Freud and I let him have his fun. He will assert, ” mumma only cooks for me!” I let him believe his fantasy .  Few days back he requested he wanted to eat green halwa.. since it is new years I wanted to put something sweet on the blog..

This is a bottle gourd halwa, its very nutritious and also tastes yum.



1 soft bottle gourd (dudhi) finely gratted 

2 tbsp of mava 

About 5-7 tbsps of sugar ( as per taste)

1 tbsp of ghee

4-5 cups of milk

Elichi powder

Green food color ( optional)


Once the bottle gourd is gratted, press it with both the hands and squeeze out all the water.

Once that is done, immediately heat the oil in the non stick pan. Add all the grated bottle gourd and cook in on low heat till all the water evaporates.Keep on stirring Cook till about 5 mins. Mix properly.

Add the milk, let it cook on a low flame. Keep on stirring. Cook for about 15 minutes till the bottle gourd is cooked and all the milk has evaporated.

Add the mawa, sugar, food color and elichi powder. 

Mix well and cook till the sugar is melted.

Take it off the heat and serve.


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