As a child the concept of heaven and hell was best understood by me while watching the cartoon ‘Tom and Jerry’.

In one particular episode, Tom dies and a long, very long staircase comes which takes him right up to heaven. So many steps up, when he reaches up it is all beautiful, white and peaceful.

But Tom has baggage, all his life he has been tormenting jerry and thus his his entry in heaven is refused until he goes back and gets Jerry to accept his sorry and gets his sigh.

What a superb way to explain the concept of heaven and hell, right and wrong to a child with the help of slap stick comedy…

Thus for me heaven is always these countless steps that go up to the sky…just as I had seen in the cartoon on a borrowed video tape from my uncle ( yes he use to collect all the tapes of cartoons) when I was in 4 th grade home due to jaundice,  which i enjoyed every moment of pampering, mom dad,  cartoons, movies, more cartoons and lots of channa and glucose water.

Even today this photograph reminds me of the same concept.

Just as this boy is carring these heavy buckets of water, I imagine if someone has baggage in one’s life then you have to carry all that. on the countless staircase to heaven. Thus more the baggage impossible it to climb the stairs and thus even before judgement day you are send off from heaven. 

Thus it is very important to live a very vigilant and a honest life. I am not talking of morals and virtues because all that is man made and man has no standards. I am talking about living a sincere and honest life so we don’t have to worry about the extra weight to carry when we climb those many stairs, cause it is true some mistakes are irreversible, thus to be careful and not make them in the first place, so you will not have tons of weight to carry those many stairs.

Sharing this link to the Tom and  Jerry episode 

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