Savitri and Satyavan’s pure love
“And what to me are common souls of men

Or eyes and lips that are not Satyavan’s?

I have no need to draw back from his arms

And the discovered paradise of his love

And the journey into a still infinity

Ony now for my soul in Satyavan

I treasure the rich occasion of my birth

In sunlight and a dream of emerald ways

I shall walk with him like Gods in Paradise

If for a year, thay year is all my life

And yet I know this is not all my fate

Only to live and love awhile and die

For I know now why my spirit came on earth

And who I am and who he is I love

I have looked at him from my immortal self

I have seen God smile at me in Satyavan

I have seen the Eternal in a human face.”

Then none could answer to her words. Silent

They sat and looked into the eyes of fate.


3 thoughts on “VERSES FROM SAVITRI

  1. Hello, this is a wonderful poem. I have shared it on my blog, is this ok? 🙂
    Greetings to you!

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