Invited my little sister for dinner the other day. She loves Pan Asian so decided to cook that for dinner. Thanks to her I managed to cook something I don’t cook very often and the motivation was so intense that it turned out quite good. I always wanted to cook momos and something in peanut sauce but never managed to take out time.

I did these veggies in my airflyer, healthy and crispy 😊

My sister always motivates me to cook as she is a super foodie, in fact the first meal I ever cooked was for her, though that was a super duper flop, we tired to give it to our dog (then tyson 3, we name all our dogs tyson) he smelled and ran in the other direction.

My son calls my sister Momo (for masi) an apt name for someone who loves momos. So while deciding the menu momos it was with chilli garlic sauce and stir fried veggies in Peanut sauce with steamed rice, Mrs Asha Khatau to the rescue. Also  got a packet of spring rolls just in case everything doesn’t go as planned.

Good looking momos for the first attempt, collar ucha tha.. for the whole week..lolz
In the afternoon after putting son to nap, I cooked everything from scratch except the wonton wrappers which I had got earlier. I was in an ecstatic mood. We have a cook but being almost an OCD in cooking (in my defence that is called perfection) also the  cutting skills of our cook are not up to my mark. So after all the chopping and cooking, prep done, time to wake up my son. What did cook do when she came? she boiled the rice and took a nap…lolz

Evening momo comes, now my very trusted baby sitters (momo and papa) are at work, actually they are watching big bang theory and son was playing and running around in the house showing  off his new talking and driving  skills to his momo. I go in the kitchen for the finaly prep..

Brown gravy food is the most difficult to take a picture, hope it is looking somewhat tempting cause the taste was salivating
Dinner served, all went well…
Bad lighting on our dinner to take pictures at night …
we ate well, after dinner as I am winding up I ask my husband and my sister to look after the toodler who is in too much excitement with momo in his home, but they have eaten too much to get up and take in charge, I decide to give them few minutesbut lose patience instead,  in 1 minute I ask them to get up and look after so I can wind up and relax.

I thought my day was almost done soon son will sleep and I can too…But…

There is always a but in the days of a full time mom… Fine also full time dad…

Son refuses to sleep as momo is here..

We have put a sitting hammock in our living room for connivence,  so I can swing my son to sleep either watching mute television or talking to my husband or listening to music. So we try our first tactic…

Lights are lowered, we chat in low voices, I take son in my lap on the swing to put him to  sleep, after half an hour or so son is in full mood to do masti so well…

We decide plan B, we decide to go and drop my sister and put him to sleep in the car on our way back, this plan works 90% of the time.

As we sit in the car, son declares he wants to sit at the back with momo and mumma will drive so we negotiate, tell him, ” fine but you are not going to do tofan, you are going to sit quitely”, our plan to clam him down so he will sleep on the way back. He proclaims, “I will sleep with momo.” We were surprised so we tell him “ok then if you don’t sleep, you are coming in papa’s  lap.”

Immediately as the car starts he sleeps on my sister’s lap. Now we are nearing our destination. Constantly we check if he is asleep. My sisters reports he is not! he was just lying down with eyes wide open. So we decide to drive, eventually he will fall asleep. Way over bed time, I drive for about 45 minutes. Finally we get a confirmation  by momo that he is asleep.

We reach, my husband takes the wheel and I go at the back, replacing my sisters lap. The minute she gets down, son springs up and says, “he wants to got to momo.”

I tell him “go to sleep, tommorow may be”, now again he falls a sleep, me half asleep visions of the road and street lights are coming and going with some void of blackouts. Poor husband decides to drive a bit. Mother son napping,  he drives around.

After a confirmation of son being fast asleep husband takes the car home. I  am carrying him inside, son is up and sobbing, “momo, momo”

Once we are in our home, husband tries to ease our son by walking him to and fro in our living room. By now I have passed out. I do not remember much..

Then eventually son comes  in my lap drinks milk, over tired finally sleeps. I check the time its around 1.30 a.m…Phew! What a long day!All of us are finally snoring…

Son misses school the next day but it is the first night that he has not got up to drink milk.. First time in years I slept non stop…😊

Sharing the recipe from Asha Khatau… Respect… I love her book, Exciting Vegitable Cusines of the world. 

A must buy…

I have changed the recipe a bit..


12-15 wonton wrappers

1 cup finely assorted vegetables ( carrots, french beans, cauliflower etc)

6 mushrooms finely chopped 

2 cups of spring onions finely chopped (this is my addition)

1 tbsp crushed garlic

1/2 tbsp crushed ginger

1 tsp wine vinegar

1 tbsp cournflour 

2 tsp chiracha sauce ( optional)

1/2 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp pepper

A little courflour water paste

To serve with chilie soy sauce and garlic chilie sauce 

Trim the wonton wrappers to form circles. Cover in a damp piece of muslin to prevent them from drying. 

Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add ginger, garlic and spring onions and fry for a minute.

Add the vegitables and mushrooms. Cook until veggies are soft. 

Add rice vinegar, chiracha, sugar and pepper. Remove from heat and let it cool.

Spoon the veggies mixture onto the center of each wrapper. Bring bothe the ends together and seal with the help of cornflour paste. Press lightly to ensure that the ends stick together. Set aside to dry for 30 mins.

10-15 minutes before serving, bring some water to boil in a steamer and line the top vessel with coriander leaves. 

Place the momos on them. Steam for 7-8 minutes or till the momo look translucent.

Serve immediately.

One thought on “MOMOS FOR MOMO

  1. I will be part of those little kids who are invited to house for eating food.. festival mein hota hai na!! I will surely come to your place. 😛

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