Few days back I decided to take a one day trip to Mumbai. My husband, Mr. Tell your child when you go, requests me to keep our son updated with my travel plans. I on the other hand thought its morning to eve trip, he will hardly notice when he is with his grandparents, I thought at 2 and half he is not ready. Still I decided to go with husband’s idea. 

As I was planning the trip, I tell our son, ” mumma is going for a day, you will stay with papa, ma, nanu and momo ( my little sis who is a responsible aunt now)… He thinks for few seconds, assures me… “Ha..(sure)”…

In the coming  days I plan everything when he is around as he is listening and registering..

My tickets..

I pack his day bag.. His school bag..

I coordinate husband’s lunch for that day..

I instruct our house help what to do

I update my parents with his recently favourite videos as his favourites change every week..

I inform our driver for drop off and pick up..

Over excited I tell my pre school moms about my trip

And anyone or anybody who has nothing to do with the trip like my gym people or our mali or our dhobi… Lolz 

During all this my son acts pretty cool..

I pack my bag, 1 day trip I pack a small suitcase, apparently me and my friend where going to visit a fashion week and being a full time mom best place for me to get dressed and faunt my heels, he is helping me to pack… I think aal izz well..

At night we take our son for a car ride and he falls asleep.. I put him in bed I find him a bit warm, I think maybe he is a warm as he was sleeping in my lap..

After an hour, after finishing all the packing and winding up the house I check his temprature 100 degrees …

At 1 in night I call my parents and inform them that I am probably cancelling my trip as he has a temperature..

Morning 4.30 trip cancelled… I think its not that imp I can go any other time…

Afternoon we take him to the doctor, give him few meds…

By evening he is better than before jumping, lauging giving me his naughty dimply smile and his eyes telling me,”see my plan worked..”

By evening I get it, it was all psychological…as he did not want me to go..

By night he is dancing on his favourite nursery   rhyme… And refused to go to sleep…finally sleeps, hugging me by now I have forgotten about the trip, a message on my phone popped and it reminded me about it as the message said “thank you for flying on time airlines and do give us a feed back..” As soon as he was sure I am not going his fever was also forgotten.

It was hiralious as my parents told me, “we told you not to tell him about your trip”

Few days later my mom and sister visited mumbai and my sister got  these brownies for me… 

That day for lunch I made these bell pepper pasta’s which I had eaten at some place in mumbai years back, I don’t remember the name of the place but I remember its taste. This is for mumbai…a place I always love to visit and always always learn something new to cook.. A paradise for food lovers 

After 15 days  I did finally go, it was kept a secret like a spy operation and this time everyone was in joint opinion not to let him know… 

This time I even stayed overnight did many things felt no guilt at all , also hunted for my sons favourite toy. 

For that Jai Gujarat! Me and my non guju friend went to a local toy store , I realise all the sales people were talking in gujarati, chalti gadi mai huh pan chadi gayi, I also started “aa che, pilu batavo..” Mean while my friend bought stationery for herself, as my toys where coming from the store, she payed her bill. Later  I payed, without asking the store owner gave me a discount, my friend immediately pointed out to the store owner “not fair she is gujarati so you gave her a discount, you did not give me.” The store owner smiled and looked away as he was locking his cash drawer, did not give her a discount. Me and my friend could not stop lauging for many minutes as we got back into the car. I was teasing her “dekha guju hone pe rs 100 ka discount mila..ha ha ha”..

Recipe for red bell pepper pasta ( these are very easy to make)

1 bell pepper finely chopped

1 cup tomato puree

4-5 cloves of garlic finely chopped

Few black olives

Chilli  flakes 

1 tbsp of olive oil

Salt and fresly crushed pepper to season 

Fresh basil to season

2 cups of cooked pasta


Heat the olive oil.

Add the garlic and chilli flakes.

Saute for few seconds. Add the red bell peppers. Cook for 5-7 minutes till the bell pepper is perfectly cooked.

Add the tomato puree and rest of the seasoning.

Mix with the cooked pasta and serve hot.

Tip for Marco: he always cooks his pasta one minute less than the required time and cook then in the sauce for one minute. I always do that and for some reason they taste so much better.

If you need extra water use the water of the cooked pasta it helps the sauce to thicken up 🙂


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