I am dying to have a conversation with someone who has watched Ingmar’s Bergman movies… So I thought lets put up on my blog…someone somewhere must have witnessed his magic



YEAR 1968


Location: party at the castle

After a small pupet show, Lindhort narrates,

The Magic Flute is the greatest example…

“Tamino’s guide have just left him in the dark courtyard outside the temple of wisdom

The young man cries in the deepest dispair,”oh eternal night, when shall thou pass?, when shall the light find my eyes?”

The fatally ill Morzard seceretly emphasises with these words…

And the reply from the chorus & orchestra also

“Soon..soon..youth, OR NEVER”

Alma and Jauhan look at each other nervously as they can relate to this story…

The most beautiful and shattering music ever written..

Tomino ask,”Is Pamina still alive?”

The invisible chorus sings, everyone is listening intensly 

“Pamina…Pamina still alive”the strange and illogical but genial rhythm…”Pami…na…”this is no longer the name of a young woman but an incantation a sorceres formula, A naive text in short a commision and yet the highest manifestation of art. Would you agree sir Artist? Asks Jauhan who is an accomplished artist

Jauhan:”Pardon me, I call my self “artist” for want of a better term. There is nothing self evident in my creative work, except the complusion to do it.

Through no intent of my own

I have pointed out as something apart, a five legged calf, a monster..

Jauhan confidently: I have never fought for that position nor do I do so now to keep it, yet I may well at times have felt the winds of megalomenia sweep across my brow. But I belive my self to be immune..

I need only one second reminder myself of the utter unimportance of art in the human world, in order to cool my self again. But this does not mean the compulsion does not remain”

Applause by everyone  in the room…

About this scene, in one of the interviews Bergman had said about his creativity and what he thinks about it are the dialogues of Jauhan who is the artist. I love the way the scene ends with everyone at the party applauding for the artist, Bergman has admitted that sometimes a winds of Megalomenia sweeps his bow and thus he added this appluading action in the end as probably he thought people needed to clap on his excellent dialogues..I can never disagree with the boss, I too was clapping at the end of this scene and his interpretations of himself as an artist.


Alma talks to her self, the last scene of the movie…close up of alma’s face, half in shadow , lighted from the right, pitchblack background

” this I’ve wondered.. Are you in a hurry?

I’d like to ask you something, It’s like this …

Isn’t it true that when a woman has lived a long time with a man..

Isn’t it true that when a woman has lived a long time with a man..

Isn’t it true she finally becomes like that man? Since she loves him and tries to think like him & sees like him…

They say that it can change a person..was that why I began to see those ghosts? Or were there anyway?

I mean if I’d loved him less and not bothered about everything there around him could I have protected him better then?

Or was it that I did’nt love him enough that made me so jealous?

Was that why those “cannibal” as he called them was why we came to such grief?

I thought I was so close to him..sometimes he said he was also close to me, one time he said with certainity.. If only I could have followed him, all the time

There is so much to keep pondering, so many questions sometimes I don’t know which way is which & and I get completely ….

Blank screen…

Rolling titles…

As usual Bergman end the movies with so manyquestions, points to ponder. As he said, ” my job is to raise the questions not to find the answers.” 

Truely one of the most amazing psychological thrillers of all time. 

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