Everyday I get about 2 hours for my self when my little monster goes to school, they seem so much! I thank being a mother as only now I realise the value of time. Earlier I had so much time and I wasted but today I do more things than ever in spite of the fact that every minute is accounted for. I love this time and role of my life, a person only realises his/her true potential when you are squeezed (of resourse, people, time). 

First thing I started gym, my fitness test was horrible, I knew what was coming as climbing two floors of steps makes me breathless so I am glad I gave the test, came to face with reality and thus now can address this. Another though came when I could not do basic push ups which earlier could do many, ‘wow! Having a baby is like fighting a battle’ my whole body had lost its strength, so now is the time regain it. 

I think as mothers we need to focus and push more as men don’t have the distractions with work as we do, the usual set backs are when the lady who helps with our house hold calls in sick or when the toilet or the washing machine stops working so the follow up or when son is down with cough infection so poor thing can’t sleep through the night so thats when I make him sleep on my lap. As he falls asleep taking deep breaths almost snoring I decide lets read with my night torch so suddenly he gets up and tell me ” bandh, bandh ( to switch off the light)”.

So we have to work our way through all this but honestly I like challenges, it makes you a stronger person. So techinically I am extremely occupied juggling different roles of life but my most favourite to mother this extremely particular boy who has taught me to become a particular person myself… Isn’t that beautiful when a child teaches something to a parent 😊

No changes in the things I use to do earlier just started doing new ones. I have often seen when people take up new things they forget to continue with their earlier commitments so my mission is to do more things not to forget roaming randomly with my son or rolling in bed when he gets up, not to forget to cook or take photographs. 

The other day husband requested Falafel so I decided to make it. 

Made roll up pita bread at home, was happy with the result. 

Falfel is different from home to home, our home we make 4 sauces.




Hot garlic sauce, this one is a bomb, I call this sauce “dare not kiss with this”

I changed its recipe a bit from my mothers… Yumm not for people who cannot tolerate garlic


1/3 a garlic peeled 

1/2 a ginger ( I put garlic: ginger 2:1)

4 tbsp of sesame seeds 

4 tbsp of oil

1/3 cup water

4 tbsp of chilie powder

3 whole green chilies 

Salt to tast

Mix all the ingredients in a grinder. Add water if need.

Add according to your taste in the falafel.

Next day after noon I again had falafel for lunch, I wrapped it in parchmen paper just the way they serve on the carts. I put it on the plate in our balcony to to take the picture. I was starving to eat it once I clicked this photo I  sat right on the floor having a little picnic eating, relishing this as my son was napping…enjoying the rainy weather.

I think I wrapped the fafel badly but I was out of patience and pita bread to do it again. 

2 thoughts on “DARE NOT KISS SAUCE 

  1. The falafel looks great. And wow, 3 tbsp. of chili powder and the green chillies, it would really have a “kick” to it, but would like to try.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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