These days the new Masterchef Australia is on air. If anyone loves cooking, it is the most inspiring show, a must watch. The formate of the show is pursuing the passion for cooking.

I planned to make spaghetti for dinner. Now just spaghetti was very simple with Masterchef running in my head all day I need to push and make it interesting. I though to add sides as well. In spite of a busy overworked day I put up a full plate for dinner.

Home made sauce with Aldente Spaghetti 

Split green beans saute in garlic and olive oil 

Fried potatoes with olive oil and paprika topping of sour-cream and coconut milk. (recipe of Nigela Lawson , the legend herself. From masterclass of Masterchef australia)

And of course Garlic bread.

All set to have dinner I decided to plate it up so I could have the feel of a well cooked meal, here I plate up and go to our dinning table which is more of our activity table now, with our son’s toys, books, colors and all the things he thinks he want to play with like a tumbler or containers are on the dinning table. No place what so ever left. So I decide to clear the table so I can take a good photograph. Before I can do that my foody baby grabs the spaghetti and eats it. Soop he takes it and goes ” yum”, another hand full, some spegetti on the floor some in his mouth, with eyes closed he utturs “yum…yumm.” I could not belive his expression to me he was a vision of junior George Calombaris, George when he tastes his food exactly the same expression “yum”, no wonder there is a similarity, my son when he was in my stomach use to kick through out when I use to watch Masterchef during my pregnant days. I totally forgot about the plating, the photograph, we sat together and enjoyed the meal. After having a full dinner he was eating the spaghetti, all I could hear was ” yum..yum”.. What more does a mom want to hear who loves to cook.

  The next day for lunch I plated up the the dinner again because I had to take a picture.

i just thought to leave the dinning table as it is for this picture
We had run out of bread so could not put garlic bread and the potatoes got sightly burnt. I was watching them on the airfryer suddenly a shout comes in a singing tone, ” oye mumma..ooyee mumma” I tell him ” kabir wait!” He insits, “mumma potty clean.” By now he had come in the kitchen and started undressing himself, off had gone the pants and before any more of the striptease, I carried him and rushed to clean up. Out of daiper bags I wrapped his poop daiper in a polythene bag written ” fresh n fresh, the cake shop” I was thinking how ironical ha.. Ha!

After all this when I rushed to check the potatoes, by now they where slightly burnt.

my burnt potaoes with skins
I plated it up and had a full lunch, shared  it  with my son and again he made a mess.
green beans cut in my new beans slicer
spaghetti… yum..yum
When I see my son eating spaghetti I think of Friends, the way he eats his spaghetti fallen on the floor, after he is done from his plate he will lie flat on his belly and just eat it directly from the floor without using his hands and if I try to take some from his share he will get mad and push me just like “joey doesn’t share food” lolz

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